Nepal is a paradise for adventure lovers all around the world. With the plain terrain of Terai to the snow-capped Himalayas Nepal has many of the wonderful things to offer. For those who have got bored with their monotonous life, Nepal is a perfect escape.

Be it walking the thrilling trails between the jungles and Himalayas, diving into the fresh waters or hovering above the mighty mountains, Nepal guarantees to give you the adventurous experience you needed in your life. Home of the 8 of the tallest mountains among 14, you can lose yourself in the beauty and mystery of these Himalayas. You can explore the rich culture of isolated peoples living in this area, travel and trek with Sublime trails . You can explore the jungles and wild lives.

There are plenty of things you can do for a thrill in Nepal. Here are the top adventurous activities you can do while coming here.


Trekking has been one of the most popular adventures over the centuries. It was adopted as an adventure activity around the 18th century. Nepal is a paradise for trekking lovers as there are many of the beautiful trails that lead to wonderful places. From the high Himalayas to the plain terrain of Terai including the landscapes and green forests Nepal has everything one seeks to experience in an adventure trekking.

Since Nepal government granted permission to trek to the National park and Himalayas, the popularity of the trek among local and international tourists has grown wildly.
Trek to the Himalayas is the most popular one as they take you to the highest mountains and are challenging and adventurous. They are usually more rewarding ones.
There are lodges and teahouses available on most of the popular trekking trails so that you don't have to lose out on all your comfort while setting out for this adventure.

Nepal is diverse in flora and fauna as well, so you will get to explore many of the plants, animals and birds in their natural habitats. Apart from that, trekking to the Himalaya is a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich culture of Local tribes who reside there.

Peak climbing

As Nepal is the country with many of the high snow-capped Himalayas. 8 of the 14 highest mountain peaks lie here including the highest peak of the world Sagarmatha. With 1310 of the peaks with elevation more than 6000 m, it has become the major destination for the adventure lovers over the years. Climbing these high Himalayas to their summit is one of the most challenging yet thrilling things to do in your life.

It hasn't been long since the Nepal government has permitted for peak climbing. But it has grown wildly within the last few years as an adventure. However, it is not an easy thing to do. It needs some serious mountaineering skills and physical strength. With the unpredictable weather over the Himalayas and because of the high altitude, the task of climbing to the peaks more challenging. As you will be climbing above the snow-line, it has to be done using the ice-axes, ropes and proper instructions.
It can be one of the major accomplishments of your Life if done with proper cautions.

Bungy has become one of the most popular adventures over the decades. You jump from high building, bridges or rigid places tying your body with elastic rope letting yourself hang freely and rebound. Few second of freefall gives you the best thrilling experience. With the added beauty of green forests, landscapes and rivers, the Bungee in Nepal become of some another level.

Most popular bungy jumping place in Nepal is Tatopani which is situated at the Nepal-Tibet border. You will jump from over George of Bhotekoshi river from the bridge. You will be jumping from 160 m high bridge over the Dudh Koshi river with a few seconds of free fall.
Apart from that, bungee jumping is available in Pokhara and many other places as well.If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous thing to do in Nepal, Bungy might be one of the best options to consider.

Helicopter tour
Helicopter tours have gained so much popularity over the last few years. Nepal Himalayas has so many wonderful places to visit. It takes so much of time, strength and investment to visit those places. However, helicopter tours have changed the game in recent years. Now it is possible to visit all those beautiful places within a matter of a few hours. Unlike other activities, helicopter tours don't demand you to be physically fit. As you will be visiting all those places at the comfort of the Choppers.
Helicopter tours over the Himalayas are the best thing you can experience. You will have the bird’s eye view of the wonderful landscapes, green forests and the excellent panorama of the Mountain ranges. Some of the famous Helicopter tours these days are Everest Base Camp Helicopter, Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Muktinath Helicopter Tour etc. They take you to the Himalayas and Back from Kathmandu. Hovering above the worlds highest peaks and enjoying the excellent vistas of Himalayas can become one of the best adventures of your life. As it does not take much time, you can pursue this tour, while coming to Nepal even for just a few days.

Rafting and fishing
Nepal is abundant in freshwater resources like rivers, lakes, ponds etc. So Nepal is also a paradise for the water adventure enthusiast. You can go for rafting, fishing, canyoning etc. There are lots of rivers you can explore in Nepal such as Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River, Kali Gandaki River, Marsyandi River, Sun Koshi River, Arun River, Karnali River, Tamur River etc. Boating down these rivers surrounded by the beautiful landscapes covered with the green forests is one of the most thrilling and beautiful experience you can have in your life. Apart from that, you can go for fishing in these rivers as well. Fishing was a way of living for some tribes in Nepal. But it has been adopted as the adventure activity recently. The most popular destination for fishing in Nepa is Karnali river which is located in the far western region of Nepal. Apart from fishing you can enjoy the beautiful jungles of Terai and explore the beautiful cultures of people who reside there while going fishing. Apart from Karnali, you can explore other beautiful rivers of Nepal as well.

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