You thought a grain of rice is just a food particle and nothing else. In this article, we will bust this myth of you by telling you the seven amazing uses of rice grain other than food. Did you know that the small particle of rice is behind the strength of hundreds of commercial brands in the market? Yes, rice husk ash is used in Cement and hundreds of other products. First of all, let us know what rice husk is?

What Is Rice Husk Ash?

Husk is the cover of the rice grain which is indigestible to humans however it is used as a cattle feeder in many countries. The significance of rice husk is to protect the rice grain from the environmental impact. And it is usually discarded after the milling of rice grains. However after the discovery of certain new amazing uses of rice husk ash, the farmers now prefer to collect it instead of discarding it as a biological waste. There are Rice Husk Ash Suppliers who supply it to the industries.
Rice husk forms the 20% of a rice grain and in the last few years, it has become a very valuable trade commodity. The rice husk ash can be used in the cement owing to its high penetration power or used for insulation of objects or used as composites like particle boards. Rice husk can become a good source of fuel and save our non-renewable sources of energy. In Myanmar which produces 13 million tons of rice/year, it is already used to produce electricity.

Amazing Uses of Rice Husk

  1. It contains silica in high quantity and thus finds use in strengthening building materials like cement. It doesn't allow moisture to penetrate due to its absolute moisture penetration resisting property.
  2. It is also resistant to the fungal decomposition. Since it takes a long time to decompose, it is used for insulating objects.
  3. And it is a renewable resource so can be used fearlessly. The rice husk ash is very abundant hence less expensive than the chips found in traditional particle boards. The rice husk particle boards are not affected by termites because of the silica. Termites feel difficulty in consuming silica.
  4. It reduces the need of using glue which contains formaldehyde to keep wood chips together. Hence keeps the toxic gas fumes off.
  5. The use of rice husks is even being made in the manufacturing of tyres because it contains silica. You may have heard about Goodyear Tyre Company, it is using rice husk ash in the manufacturing of tyres. According to the CEO of this company, silica is beneficial for the environment in many ways. According to the CEO, it increases the efficiency of tyres multiple times, and needs very fewer efforts to produce and reduces waste going into the landfills.


The uses of rice husk are not limited to only above-mentioned products; this sustainable resource is fast emerging as a value-added material across a diverse range of applications. There are rice husk ash suppliers who trade with rice husk and supply it to cement and other industries. The best part of it is that it is a wonderful way to reduce this biological waste.

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