These days, it’s sort of become a trend for brides to hire a wedding DJ in Melbourne for their special day. This increased demand has resulted in more and more individuals trying their luck in this profession. But an increase in the number of these professionals has not necessarily meant an increase in the quality. On the contrary, it’s even harder to find good DJs these days.

But what are the aspects which brides look for in DJs before hiring them? If you are a bride and looking to hire DJs for your special day, these are some of the qualities which you should look:-

Wedding gig experience: Needless to say, the experience is undoubtedly a top priority for brides, with most of them opting for someone who has extensive experience in this field. Weddings are unlike any other party and DJs play a significant role in setting the mood of the evening. More often than not, brides will look to hire DJs who have a wider portfolio.

Preparedness: Brides will always look to hire DJs who have solid planning and good organisational skills. Not only should they be in the party on time but they should also know what music to play, how they will interact with the client and what equipment should they bring with them.

Positive personality: At weddings, the DJs have to spend lots of time interacting with the crowd, catering to requests and entertaining them. Precisely for this reason, the personality of the DJ is most important to the bride. They will be looking to hire someone who is fun, friendly and confident behind the decks. Also, the DJs need to be dressed in proper attires and always have a smile on their face.

Diverse music collection: Obviously, the groom and bride are most likely to have different musical preferences as will the guests. Precisely for this reason, it's imperative the DJ has an extensive musical collection which spans several decades and genres.

Crowd reading ability: In addition to experience, brides will also look for DJs who possess plenty of industry specific knowledge. These professionals should know how to get the guest dancing early in the evening. Crowd reading is probably the most important skill to have for a wedding or hip-hop DJ in Melbourne because it lets them ascertain how to keep the dance floor going all night.

These qualities are just the tip of the iceberg of what brides look for while hiring these professionals. If you are looking to hire one, you need to look out for these things, but then again, sometimes it’s good just to follow your instinct.

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The author Ron Spencer is probably the most renowned hip-hop DJ in Melbourne and has been providing his services for several years now. If you are looking to hire a wedding DJ in Melbourne, he is your best bet.