Bathroom renovations can be exciting. But it would be a mistake to think that it’s going to be easy. Achieving a quality bathroom renovation as per your liking requires proper planning and precision.

On that note- Here Are 5 Mistakes Which You Should Avoid On Your Next Bathroom Remodelling Project.

  • Not Sticking to One Theme- It is very common for homeowners to jump into a bathroom renovation project without thinking what design theme to work with. When planning a bathroom renovation; the multitude of options in the market can always overwhelm you. So, it’s important to not get carried away in the frenzy and instead stick to one design theme.

Doing so will considerably help narrow down your designing options and accomplish the redesign you are after.

  • Treating Wall Colour as a Last-Minute Decision- Wall colour is another important aspect of bathroom renovation. But many commit the mistake of sidelining it or treating it as a last-minute endeavour. Don’t make the same mistake. Look to decide the wall colour prior to the start of the project.

You can even take ideas from your hired bathroom renovation specialist. They know a lot of the current bathroom redesigning trends and can surely pop out some interesting colour schemes for you to implement.

  • Not Investing on Components Which Are Important- While it may be true that you always wanted a freestanding bathtub with your shower area; you need to understand that not every bathroom space can accommodate it.

So, rather than thinking on investing in a bathtub, you should focus more on the elements which go well with every space. Hire best-in-quality bathroom renovations Wynnum Manly and sort out the items that go best with your existing bathroom space.

Not investing in bathroom elements which matter during a remodelling project is one common mistake many homeowners make. Don’t make the same mistake. Speak to your specialist and decide everything beforehand.

  • Neglecting the Importance of Proper Task Lights- When planning your next bathroom remodelling project take time out to decide on adding proper task lighting. You can discuss with your local bathroom renovators in Wynnum about adding a large mirror right over basin or vanity and sleek lights for performing general tasks like waxing, shaving, hair styling, etc.

Plus, installing quality task lights also makes the bathroom space more spacious and attractive. Take suggestions from your local renovator about quality lighting fixtures.

  • Not Focussing on Proper Ventilation- Do you notice black specks of mould forming on your bathroom walls?

If so, then that is a sign that your existing bathroom lacks proper ventilation. Opening the windows to allow fresh air into the space does help, but only to a point.

To eliminate the problem of mould growth; you need to think about adding an exhaust fan or even one top-shelf IXL-tastic to remove the moisture and steam inside. With that, you also need to focus on painting your bathroom walls using a quality mould-resistant or oil-based paint product. This will help take care of your mould problem.

Try to keep these mistakes in mind and don’t repeat them on your next revamp project. Also, don’t shy away from taking as much professional assistance as possible from notable bathroom remodelling experts near Wynnum. They are your best chance of completing the project on time and as per your suitability.

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