While retaining walls are known to serve two purposes in a garden, one for preventing runoff and soil erosion and the other to add to the aesthetics, concrete retaining walls is something that is preferred by most home owners and landscapers.

A concrete retaining wall is something that is beneficial when compared to the ones made out of wood. It is something that most landscaping professionals that set up retaining walls and decks in Brisbane lookout for and put up in the gardens. When it comes to the benefits of concrete retaining walls, here are a few of them put down for you.

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It Has Better Resistance

When concrete retaining walls are compared to the ones made up of timber or iron, it is known to have better resistance. There is no damage caused when in contact with fire, rust or probably mould and mildew growth. It doesn't freeze during cold months and stays intact for years altogether. It doesn't get infested by pest and a simple clean from time to time does it all.

It Has Low Maintenance

When you put up concrete retaining walls, there is a minimal maintenance effort from your end. You do not have to contribute much to its upkeep where an occasional pressure wash can help in getting rid of algae growth or dirt accumulation. There are times when there is the need for a check for cracks. Concrete may receive them, especially when there is movement of the soil. It can be filled with mortar as and when required.

It is Affordable

While concrete sleepers used for retaining walls are cheap, comparing it to metal or timber makes it even more affordable. It doesn't cost much to buy them, and its installation too doesn't make you spend a lot. Since there is minimal maintenance involved, you save up on money to clean the walls as well. Concrete retaining walls are something that stays with you for a long time with no pest infestation or similar problems making you replace the rest.

Only Professionals Can Help Out

When you want the best out of something, it shouldn't be a DIY task as you aren't an expert with conducting it. The same goes out for putting up retaining walls as well. It is only a professional in Brisbane who can help with setting up a retaining wall as there are multiple aspects to keep in mind. It s foremost task is to curb erosion, and it is only a professional who will be able to distinguish the right material and come up with something that is worth the use.

It Avoids Erosion

While it is known to be a wall that blocks water from flowing freely, especially when there is a slope in your garden, concrete retaining walls are known to curb erosion in a better way. While preventing water accumulation or even free flow of water, these walls when compared to the ones made of timber or metal are known to stop erosion in a better way.

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The author has had experiences with hiring professionals that install concrete sleeper retaining wall in Brisbane and writes this article to help people understand the need for retaining walls and decks in Brisbane.