You try to stay in great shape and plan for a routine workout schedule. It bolsters your life expectancy and overall wellness, and is, without question, a great idea. Still, far fewer people stop to think about doing the same for their brains, yet it is entirely possible to take control of your brain health, according to the team at Happy Neuron, a testing service that allows users to challenge and improve brain functions and overall mental functions. With Happy Neuron, you can enjoy a number of benefits:

1. Test memory. Brain games and programs such as the ones offered from Happy Neuron have demonstrated an ability to enhance memory functions. By challenging your brain in fun and non-threatening venues, you will find that it responds better to reality, both past and present.

2. Speed brain functions. A healthy brain is one that can work quickly to tackle problems and find solutions. This is essential when it comes to performing your best as a student or an employee. Using services that specialize in these areas enables you to earn higher grades and more respect from your superiors. The long range results can look much better on a college transcript or a long-term pension plan.

3. Enhance reading comprehension skills. Another vital area of interest to your education, profession, and even recreation, is how well challenging your mental functions can result in better reading comprehension. Retain more from your reading assignments, learn vital technical data, or understand every line of "Ulysses" by James Joyce. Not only will better understanding help in these areas, but it can also help you save money by allowing you to tackle do it yourself repairs.

4. Spawn creativity. You have heard the saying, "Think outside of the box." Mind assessments allow you to do just that. A creative intellect allows you to solve problems in interesting ways, which will benefit you in every facet of your life and distinguish you as a leader among people.

5. Calm nerves and build eustress. With the tests, games and features of a professional brain nutrition service, you have the ability to engage in activities that are also known to calm your nerves and build eustress. Eustress is the good form of stress that you often hear nothing about. The fight against stress often results in the misguided goal of simply trying to replace the bad aspects of it. But what will you replace it with? The answer is one that many people fail to find. Eustress helps you to overcome the negatives with productive and worthwhile activity that can also lead to better physical fitness.

In today's society, every little bit of competitive advantage helps your child to cope better with life. So be sure to make full use of cutting edge technology for your child's betterment.

If you would like to learn more about how the Happy Neuron brain fitness program can help you test your brain's performance against your peers based on age, gender and education follow this link:

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I watched my mother's decline and eventual death from dementia over a period of about five years. This period made me realize that brain fitness is a very important part of healthy aging. I set myself a goal of developing and promoting a website that would help people find memory improvement tools to manage the fitness of their brain as they aged.