There is a lot you can do to help improve the credit score of your business, both on your own and working with a credit repair service like Sky Blue. And if you’re wondering if improving that credit score is worth the effort, here are some of the benefits of maintaining a healthy business credit score.

1 - Get bigger loans

Let’s start with the obvious one: a better credit score will allow you to take out bigger business loans. This can be useful not only when you’re looking to invest in expanding your business or buying new equipment, but also when dealing with internal issues or economic downturns.

Access to a generous credit line means you can afford to keep the lights on and the staff on payroll for longer when things don’t go as planned. Which might be just the breathing room you need to get the company back on its feet.

2 - Get approved faster

Having a high credit score also helps you get approved for loans and other financial products faster. Not only because financial institutions will more easily trust a business with a good credit score, but also because a good credit score might make you eligible for special loans and financing options made specifically with a quick turnaround time in mind.

The lower your credit score is, the more likely it is that your loan request will spend weeks stuck in review as the bank’s team goes through your credit report and other financial details with a fine comb.

3 - Get better deals

Everything from banks to financial institutions and even various suppliers will take your business credit score when negotiating deals with your company. After all, in theory, credit scores are meant to be an objective measure of the financial stability of your business. A high credit score means your company has less of a risk of failing to come through on payments, which in turn encourages third parties to offer your company better deals.

In concrete terms, this means better rates on various insurance policies, lower interests in business loans, and more.

4 - Protect your assets

One of the reasons why maintaining a good business credit score is important is because, without it, you may find yourself having to provide financial support to your business in your own name. If your business has a solid credit score and plenty of cash available to borrow, it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a position where remortgaging your home is the only way to keep the doors of your business open. It allows you to more easily keep your personal assets and finances separate from your business.

5 - Project stability

Financial institutions aren’t the only ones interested in knowing how stable your business is. A good credit score also makes it easier to secure funding from private investors, and it can help with negotiations when looking to sell your business or merge with another one. A good credit score is one of the ways in which your business can project stability and show that the business has been well-managed.

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