Ghee is an important part of our daily life. Ghee mainly used in food has many benefits to the body. It is of two types, vanaspati, and desi. Vegetable Ghee is prepared from various plants, while Desi Ghee is made from butter. This ghee is nutritious, rich, balsamic, cold and beneficial. Due to the high amount of fat and vitamins found in it, it is confirmatory, powerful, age-enhancing and eye-enhancing. It is believed that ghee made from cow's milk is considered more useful than buffalo ghee. It is considered very effective in abdominal, breathing, skin and heart diseases. Apart from this, pure ghee has also been considered beneficial in mental debility, physical weakness, tuberculosis, heat sores, and bile disease.

If a TB patient consumes pure ghee and sugar candy, then its disease is cured.
If the skin gets peeled, wounds or bruises, etc., then applying old ghee on the affected area is of immediate benefit. Ghee has the ability to heal wounds.
If you are troubled by constant hiccups, then add rock salt in the cow's ghee and smell it.
Eating ghee and black pepper mixed with ghee ends body weakness and increases eye light.
If the sudden hemorrhage erupts, dripping ghee in the nose stops blood flow.
Intestines are soft and chronic constipation is eliminated by drinking ghee mixed with warm milk.
Mix desi jaggery in ghee and keep it on fire. Take it when it melts. It provides relief in breathing and cough.
If there are blisters in the mouth, sleep with ghee at night. Mouth ulcers will be destroyed.
If there is a complaint of cracked lips in the winter season, add a little salt to the ghee and apply it on the lips and navel, the lips will stop bursting.
If a person consumes ghee regularly, the memory power increases.
Rub the ghee on the face thoroughly while sleeping at night. In the morning wash the face with lukewarm water. In a few days, your face will be free from stains and wrinkles.
Massage of warm hot ghee on the head removes headache caused by hotness or cold.
To get drunk, lick 2-2 spoons of ghee and sugar. would benefit.
If the dog has bitten, place a wet cloth soaked with cow's ghee in the wound area. The poison will be destroyed.

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The author is an expert nutritionist and family physician. Herbal remedies are the simplest and best remedies to be practiced at home.