As a college student, you'll be using quite a lot of technology to enrich your learning. Chances are, you're using your laptop for all your projects, and may even complete some courses online. But did you know your phone can also come in handy as a college student? Below are 5 amazing apps that are sure to make your life a whole lot easier and add something extra to your university experience.


Audext is brilliant audio to text converter which is going to make it so much easier for you to record lectures. When you attend a lecture, simply start recording it, and audio to text converter online will turn the audio file into a full transcript. Not only does this allow you to be more relaxed when taking notes, but it could also come in handy when revising. For example, when looking for a particular concept explored in your lectures, you could search for keywords in your transcripts, taking you to the exact moment when the lecturer explained the concept. There are a ton of different uses for Audext, just remember that it is invaluable audio to text application which can really give you a hand with lecture note-taking.

  1. Brainscape

Brainscape is a flashcard app that isn't like other flashcard apps. It was designed to fit the way that you learn and prides itself on being "the smartest flashcards" out there. Brainscape uses spaced repetition learning methods, in which you will see a given flashcard at progressively increasing time intervals. This method was devised based on years of cognitive science research. Basically, Brainscape knows the best way for you to retain information and gives it to you in an app. Use it to make flashcards, revise them, share them with others, or even study from pre-made flashcard decks. It's the perfect app for anything you have to learn by heart for your courses, and invaluable help for the dreaded revision season.

  1. Flipd

One of the biggest concerns of college students is that they don't know how to use their time effectively. They might find that they spend the whole day struggling to focus, only to cram in as much learning as possible in the last few days before a test. This is not only a stressful habit, it's also quite dangerous for your health. So take back control with this clever app that aims to increase your wellness by teaching you to manage your time better. Flipd includes functions like creating study sessions, tracking your sleeping habits and helping you take some mindful moments throughout the day. This beautifully designed app is a great way to start feeling like you're on top of things again, and could well end up boosting your grades.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is really at the top of the proofreading game. It's an app that goes through your writing and gives you tips on making it better. More importantly, it also corrects all your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Many college students swear they'd never be able to get good marks on their essays if it wasn't for Grammarly.

The greatest thing is, the more you use Grammarly, the better your writing naturally gets. As you start noticing what mistakes you commonly make, you'll also be able to learn the rules and the reasons behind your mistakes, making it easier to fix them. Grammarly exists in a free and a paid-for version, depending on the level of proofreading you're after.

  1. Duolingo

Who hasn't heard of Duolingo? Duolingo is probably the most popular free language app out there, encouraging people all over the rest to pick up a new language. As a college student, you may already have a language course, or you may want to graduate with an extra language to put on your CV. Whatever your reasons, Duolingo is a great app that can really help with your learning! Through clever gamification, its inventors have made it easier, and more fun than ever to pick up the basics of a completely new language.

You can be a great college student without using any special apps or technologies. But in our day and age, why would you? Those 5 apps were designed with people just like you in mind, and are truly miraculous when it comes to helping you study better and smarter.


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