The quest for the dream body shape is one of the most sought-after missions for many personalities nowadays. This has led to the development of a plethora of treatment modalities to remove the extra layer of cellulite from your body. Among them, body contouring treatments is considered the latest innovation that has revolutionized the beauty industry. Body contouring or body sculpting is endorsed by best nutritionists because it is a non-surgical method and it is free from artificial drugs. Here is a list of 5 most popular body contouring treatments recommended by the top dietitian in India.

Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis-

Fat freezing is one of the latest and popular body contouring treatments. It is based on the principle that the fat-cells or the adiposities of your body are more susceptible to cooling than other cells. Here the fat cells of your body are exposed to a low temperature to undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death which results in inflammatory responses and subsequent removal of the fat cells by phagocytes. The major advantage of this procedure is it is non-surgical and requires only an hour to remove the stubborn cellulite, especially from the belly region. There is little or no downtime for fat freezing and this is an ideal walk in walk out treatment. The famous nutritionists recommend fat freezing to get rid of your stubborn fat pockets.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound-

The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is another acclaimed body contouring treatment which is approved by the top dietitian. Although the use of HIPU is quite new in fat reduction, this technique has been used for ages in clinical medicine for body stone removals from internal organs like kidney or gallbladder. Here focused ultrasound vibrations are used to create deep areas of coagulative necrosis or death of fat cells in your subcutaneous fat layers. This treatment results in volume reduction as well as skin tightening and has minimal side effects. It takes around 12 weeks time to show significant results. All these qualities make it a favoured and popular fat reduction therapy by the nutritionists.


The use of radiofrequency (FR) has a body contouring treatment in India has been recently introduced. Here the basic principle is the use of skin and deep tissue heating by the conversion of radiofrequency waves to heat energy. This process results in vasodilatation (dilatation of the blood vessels) and inflammatory changes which ultimately results in selective apoptosis in fat cells. The surrounding cells are not affected by this procedure. Significant volume reduction in your body can be noticed within 3-8 weeks of the treatment. The use of modern devices made radiofrequency a safe and tested procedure for cellulite removal. Most of the radiofrequency devices come with built-in thermal sensors to prevent overheating and burning.

Low level laser Therapy-

The use of low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a new addition to the body contouring treatment. This technology is based on the use of infrared rays to induce changes in the adiposity metabolism. It also involves the changes in the expression of the hormone leptin which is involved in fat metabolism. FDA has approved the use of infrared rays between the wavelength 532 nm and 635 nm for body sculpting. This method is also recommended by dieticians as a safe and reliable process of adiposity removal.

Deoxycholic Acid-

Deoxycholic acid is used as an inject able treatment for fat removal. The lytic agent present in the deoxycholic acid causes disruption of the adipocyte membrane and subsequently results in adipocytolysis or the destruction of the fat cells. This method of fat removal is practised by the famous nutritionists as a sound method of fat reduction. The benefit of the use of deoxycholic acid is it results in long-term volume reduction in treated areas and has minimal side effects.

So, this was, in brief, the different body contouring treatments. The famous dietitians recommend all these treatments should be availed from the clinics of top dietitians otherwise it may result in permanent damage to body tissues.

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