Online shopping sites have found their feet even in the most unexpected of markets today. The fact that a significant chunk of the global population today keeps connected to the internet for most of its time is, in itself, a big reason why e-commerce is such a success. But the availability of the internet is not the only hand that worked to make online shopping so big. The rise of content management systems has played an equal, if not more critical, for e-commerce to do well. The benefits that a CMS brings to the table are much useful for any company looking to make its mark among the online population.

If you are a business owner who is trying to bring your business online, then choosing the right CMS for your site will play a massive role for it to do well. Further, in this post, you will read about the 5 Best CMS to create an e-commerce website.


WordPress is the topmost CMS today that website owners love to use. There are endless benefits of using WP for your shopping site. The ease to use, various themes to select from, and useful plugins to offer, are the strong reasons why you should choose WordPress for your site. It is amongst the most used systems to manage content for websites on the internet today.


Magento may not be the most popular CMS out there today, but it is certainly catching up in the race to becomes one in the coming years. Magento is a complete solution that is specially designed to work for online shopping platforms. Magento is open-source, and you don't have to spend much money on using its plugins. If given enough time to understand how it works, people can make the most out of this platform.


The next popular CMS on our list is Shopify. Unlike WordPress and Magento, Shopify is a self-hosted content manager that allows you to have full control of your site. It is a solution to manage content for websites for businesses, especially startups. As this CMS does not require you to exclusively know in-depth about all the HTML, Java, CSS languages associated with the site, you can control it even as a beginner.
3D Cart

If you want to try something different from the league, then 3D Cart might be the answer for you. It has some of the top features like integration with popular social media, helpful add-ons, and customer support that will help you at every step of your site set up. 3D Cart produces engaging e-commerce sites with its themes and plugins that don't take a long time to load on a visitor's PC or phone.


Squarespace is another great option for a CMS if you do not want to spend over a web developer to build your site. Squarespace makes designing a website easy to use. It is a real DIY builder for an e-commerce site that has accessible functions. The best part of this CMS is that you can move it to WordPress quickly by building your website or blog on this platform.

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