Work can be not only hard but stressful as well. You know the importance of keeping yourself healthy, so… What about taking up a new hobby — meditation?

Meditation has combined a lot of cool features for a modern person: helps with your focus, mental habits, and sleep. And it is mostly free. Try to implement this habit in your daily routine as an experiment, to see how it can affect your life.
How would you do that?
Now and then, use apps. You can find a lot of them online, but there is no need to search because everything is listed and reviewed in our article.

Tools summary:
1. Meditopia.
2. Headspace.
3. Insight Timer.
4. Calm.
5. Oak.

They're all different and some of them can really be a nice fit for you. Pros and cons are so specific, but practice makes perfect — in meditation too. More details on every app listed you can find here:

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