A trade copier is software or a cloud-based platform that allows for duplication of trades from a master account to the receiving accounts referred to as slave accounts. Trade copier provides you with an unmatched opportunity to copy profitable trades from a trading professional’s account so that you get to amass significant profits. Irrespective of the location of the professional trader, all his/ her trades will be copied in the slave accounts. Additionally, trade copiers enable fund managers to copy trades to remote or local accounts.

Several trade copiers are compatible with MT4 considering that it’s the most popular trading platform. In your search for the best MT4 trade copier, ensure that it provides technical support, flexible risk management options, and allow you to filter trades.

Benefits of Trade Copiers

• As a trader, it will enable you to copy profitable trades from an account managed by a professional trader and hence increases your chances of making more profits.
• As an account manager, it enables you to manage several accounts simultaneously, and this allows you to trade signals.
• It simplifies complex trading data and makes it easy for traders to make profitable trades with necessary trading skills and knowledge.
• It saves you valuable time. You don't have to spend all day scrutinizing the market. It leaves the professional traders to do the job and copy the trades for you.
• It reduces risks since your accounts are managed as the professional trader’s account. With minimal risks, you are sure to gain maximum returns.
• A trade copier will allow you to grow your investment portfolio without the hassles of analyzing and in-depth thinking.

Best MT4 Trade Copiers

1. Kapxo
Kapxo tops as the best MT4 trade copier. The copier is 100% web-based and eliminates the need for installing VPS (virtual private server) and EA (expert advisor) software. Additionally, the service gives you an excellent opportunity to access your account from any place in the world using your tablet or Smartphone.

Kapxo offers you unique risk management options via balances, lots, and multipliers. Besides, you get to receive email notifications on open trades, closed trades, and your account balance.

You will be allowed to connect your slave account to a master account once you complete the registration process. Subsequently, you will be allowed to access the system, set your trading preferences, and risks. Besides, the pricing depends on your account balance, growth, and lots.

Additionally, you may opt to subscribe to a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan. Regardless of your billing method, Kapxo offers three packages; namely, Seed, Growth, and Blossom. Each package has different requirements for minimum and maximum account balance. Lastly, the copier system analyzes your performance to give you detailed statistics and reports.

2. 4xTitan
4xTitan is another web-based tool trade copier that allows you to duplicate trades between multiple MT4 accounts. The software connects your master account to the receiving accounts. It’s an ideal tool for signal traders since it will allow you to share trades with other traders wherever they are in the world. Through 4xTitan, you can set an expiry time for any of your trade receivers so that the receiver will not receive signals upon the expiration of the set subscription.

Additionally, you pay $50 for each master account and $25 for each slave account. 4xTitan handles 10,000 accounts per server. Nonetheless, you don’t need to fret when you exceed the limit. The provider will add another server to handle your growth.

What’s more, 4xTitan data is backed up thrice; twice locally, and once offsite to save you from risks of server failure. The platform also provides you with a 24/7 live chat service to respond to your queries.

3. Local Trade Copier (LTC)
LTC synchronously copies market and pending orders between several MT4 accounts hosted on the same computer or server. The software can significantly enhance your fund management career by duplicating multiple master accounts to an unlimited number of slave accounts. Nevertheless, the software is not limited to fund managers only but also applicable to retail traders, Forex brokers signal providers, and Forex trading couches.

The trade copier frees you from re-calculating lot sizes for different slave accounts by following the risk percentage of your master account and automatically adjusting the rate to individual slave account. Additionally, you can use the reverse trade technology that will help you turn your losing trading strategy into a winning one.

You can opt for a monthly or annual plan for any of the three LTC packages. The packages are LTC personal, LTC Manager, and LTC VIP. The basic package will allow for simultaneous use in one computer while the Manager and VIP options allow for a higher number of computers. It’s important to note that you will be required to pay tax if you are located in the EU.

4. Duplikium
Duplikium not only allows you to copy trades between master accounts and slave accounts but also support other trading technologies other than MT4. So, besides managing MT4 master and MT4 slave accounts, you can also copy trades from MT5 to MT4. Moreover, Duplikium trade copier is entirely cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about installing anything on your computer. The provider allows you to set an independent risk factor for each trading account.

Additionally, you can set the same risk factor for a group of accounts.

Duplikium also supports several international currencies, including, but not limited to EUR, USD, and GBP. You can also access the service from your mobile phone from any location in the world. Most importantly, Duplikium offers a free plan that supports one master account and one slave account. The payable options are the Prepay and Unlimited Pack. Unlimited Pack starts at $19, but you will be required to pay more for additional slave and master accounts.

5. Forex Copier
Similar to other trade copiers, Forex copier allows for the duplication of trades between MT4 accounts. The platform comes with an added advantage of a demo version that supports a maximum of two source accounts and three receiver accounts. The demo version will allow you to open up to three orders at the same time on a live receiver account. It’s, therefore, the best trade copier for traders who want to test the magic of mirror trading software at zero cost.

You can upgrade your subscription to Copier 1, Copier 2 or Copier Remote 2. Each upgrade comes with extra features at an additional cost. Notably, Forex Copier runs discount offers periodically on their official website. So, you may be lucky enough to obtain massive discounts on subscriptions. With Forex Copier, you can turn losing trades into profitable ones using the reverse mode and apply custom risk management on copied trades.

Trade copiers are ideal tools for Forex traders. The best trade copier will not only copy profitable trades from a master account to a slave account but also offer various risk management options.

This allows you to maximize your profits without worrying about the risks. In other words, a trade copier will enhance hassle-free Forex trading. Some of the best MT4 trade copiers include Kapxo, LTC, and 4xTitan, among others discussed above.

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