While just starting your career, you may want to land jobs as quickly as possible. It’s not always possible to occupy senior level jobs even when you have high academic qualification. That’s exactly what entry level jobs are for. They are easier to get, add to your skill sets and grow your working experience. Many successful professionals work their way up through entry level jobs. There are many entry level job positions that offer best pay.

Let’s have a look at some of the most highly paid entry level jobs that you can consider, depending on your education level, skills and interest.

#1. Petroleum Engineers
Due to the continuously rising demand for energy, petroleum engineers will enjoy bright career prospects. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is the standard educational requirement for this job. Petroleum engineers are responsible for extracting crude oil and natural gas from oceanic subsurface reservoirs. Offering a salary of around $120,000 a year, a petroleum engineer’s occupation happens to be one of the best paid entry level jobs.

#2. Investment Bankers
The job of investment bankers is also one of the most highly paid. This entry level job can fetch as much as $85,600 a year. The investment banking industry is loaded with potential career opportunities for the right candidates. To occupy an entry level job as an investment banker, you need to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in fields like business or finance. Investment bankers play an important role in connecting companies (that need financing) with investors.

#3. Economists
An entry level economist job also pays best salary. Economists are in high demand both in the public and private sector. If you aspire to work with government agencies, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in economics or business management. On the other hand, private sector economist jobs require a master’s degree in a relevant field. The entry level job fetches a high annual salary of around $83,000.

#4. Computer Programmers
A maximum part of our lives is controlled by computers. These programmers are responsible for writing programs that make our lives easier. They work in close contact with software engineers. If you have the skills, the field of computer programming has a wide range of employment opportunities to offer. Entry level computer programming jobs pay as much as $75,400 annually.

#5. Web Developers
The IT industry is growing quite rapidly. The web market has a high demand for web developers. You can step into this field of work by taking up an entry level job. Web development professionals can earn an average annual salary of around $66,800.

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An entry level job provides you an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills and experience. If you are really committed towards making the best of an entry level job, you can get promoted in the company very soon. However, you always need to choose an entry level job that suits your abilities. A career test can also help you make a well-informed decision.