This article gives you a list of some cool ideas on using contemporary outdoor stools, which are mostly designed to add charm to the outdoors of a place.

While people go for interior designing and put up great decors, lights, wall hangings etc. to make their home look beautiful, they get often stuck with decorating their outdoors. This goes the same for restaurants, cafes or shops! The owners do their best to make the interiors look vibrant and welcoming to the customers. But, they have absolutely no clue about how to design the outdoors or entrance of their shops. Well, the only way house owners, as well as shop owners, can make the exterior area of their property look good is by placing exquisite and modern furniture. Outdoor stools are the best pieces to use because they will also provide a great seating arrangement for their guests, visitors or customers. In this article, we have put up the best ways to use such stools in various ways in the open-air spaces of houses, restaurants and shops. Take a look.

5 Ways to Use Outdoor Stools and Bring Charm to Open-Air Spaces

Roof-top/Open Cafeteria

Open-air cafeterias or cafes with a roof-top section are becoming quite a trend nowadays. Restaurants or cafés in exquisite locations like near a beach, adjoining a hill top or at street side in a metropolis city mostly provide outdoor dining facilities. While normal chairs and tables can look a bit dull in such beautiful dining spaces, outdoor stools are great. When they are accompanied by small high top tables, they made the coolest seating arrangement for hangout and dining, especially for youngsters.

Terrace or Porch of the House

If you own a house that has a porch or veranda or/and a terrace, these stools are great. You can use one or two stools with a high top table to convert your porch or veranda into a great relaxing space where one can sit, read, or talk while having coffee. If the space is small for such an arrangement, you can simply use a well-designed stool to keep a plant pot, a lamp or any other outdoor décor piece.

In the Patio

There are many contemporary as well as vintage-style stools that are better be used as only as a décor piece instead for seating. You can use them in the garden of your house as a part of your patio furniture. One or more such stools can be put in the middle to hold a transparent glass table which can be then used a tea table. When you surround the tea table with sofas or cushioned chairs, it will make your patio look unique.

Living Room or Home Entrance

If you have a grand and spacious living room or a long entryway, use outdoor stools to hold exquisite décor pieces. Choose antique lamps, flower vases, plant pots or other such décor items to keep on the stools. When you place the stools at the corners of your living room or alongside the wall of your long entrance, it will add a whole new charm to your house.

Business Shop, Clinic or a Storefront

If you own a service shop, clinic or storefront, the use of outdoor stools is great to make your awaiting customers seated. They look chic and also take less floor space compared to the chairs. Hence, it is ideal for your business store or clinic even it is small-sized.

These are some of the most appropriate and best uses of outdoor stools. No doubt, there are more ideas to add to the list. However, no matter for what purpose you use these stools, make sure to choose only the ones made with sturdy materials like wood, plywood, cast iron, etc. It ensures they are heat, water, and weather-resistant and hence, would last for a long time.

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The author is the owner of a renowned online furniture store in Australia and also a professional furniture designer. He spends his free time writing about distinct ideas to use modern furniture such as outdoor stools, bar stools, tub chairs, armchairs, etc. in homes and commercial spaces.