Chamarel is one of the most perfect destinations to be explored on the gorgeous island of Mauritius. It is located in Rivière Noire District. This place looks stunning having scenic landscapes and of course the one that cannot be seen anywhere else. The village is known for the beautiful environment and pleasant ambiance which catches most of the attraction of the tourists. If anyone is bored of the beaches and sand, this is the perfect destination. Those who have visited there must be aware of the seven beautiful colored lands seen here. The surrounding area is picturesque relieving eyes and there are so many things to do in Chamarel with the Chamarel Falls and Black River Gorges.

This seven-colored earth is a natural phenomenon and looks mesmerizing with greenery around. This place garners so much attraction because of this only. Also, there are some of the Top Things to do in Chamarel about which you might not be very much aware. Here are some of them.

Beach Hoping is one of the most popular activities one can do in Mauritius especially when it is about couples on honeymoon. They consider beach hoping very calm and composed activity where they sit under the sun and get time to cuddle with each other. But as you know that the popular beaches are at some distance and just by walking it is not possible to cover all of them, don’t you think car rental companies in Mauritiuscar rental Chamarel Mauritius is a good idea? Get one rented car and then move freely.

Mauritius is all about comfort and pampering. Of course, when you are on a trip you only need is comfort. So what can be better than Mauritian spas for it? Go with your partner or go with your friends, relish and rejuvenate your body with some of the amazing professional spas over there. It will be a completely astonishing feel for you.
Water sports and sky diving can be good companions if anyone is looking for some fun and adventure. Skydiving is one of the fun activities that one would love to enjoy. Witnessing the aerial view in Mauritius is just a jaw-dropping experience and you will never be able to forget such a beautiful view. There are many more activities for your amusement.

Sea hover is also one of the Things to do in Chamarel Mauritius. If anyone of you is a sea lover and wants to go for some adrenaline rush activity then Sea hover is the best for you. Roller coaster rides in the sea! Isn’t this exhilarating? Why to just go Mauritius for beach and water, when you can involve yourself in some out-of-the-box experiences?

Food is the most important part when you are on a trip. Your trip is almost successful if you are moving around with good food and a full tummy. Food gives you that happiness that no other thing can. So in this case Chamarel has a lot of good varieties to offer. Indian will be the luckiest to have an amazing variety of Indian food and also the Mauritian delicacies. All in all, it is going to be the best experience.

One thing is for sure that you will be really glad about the car rental companies in Mauritiuscar rental Chamarel Mauritius availability. Because exploring the island become impossible if you don’t have a car because this can ultimately leave you to one or two places, but then what’s the use of spending money on a trip when you can’t check different places. Chamarel is one of the gems of Mauritius that is important to be visited, so visit there now.

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