Your customer base will be expanded only if they are sticking to your services. But how can you ensure that? 

You can only ensure that only if you can provide the customer with a quality user experience. UX is all about considering the needs of the users who will be using your product. The basic idea is to get into the head of your users. You just need to create a seamless, simple and enjoyable experience for them. 

If your app is unable to satisfy the needs of your users, then they will ultimately abandon your app by uninstalling it; or even worse, they might end up providing a bad review on App Store. Being an app developer, you will never want this to happen. And to ensure that your app is not being left mid-way by the users, you need to consistently work on your UX and keep a hawk’s eye on its each and every functionality. 

Why Having A Good UX So Important?

The motive is to let your users know about your product. With good UX design, you can bring in more users to your startup. Offering a quality UX actually determines your app’s performance in the market. UX is a crucial part of your app development because your users actually expect a lot when they download an app.

Of course, nobody wants an app that is full of bugs and crashes while functioning. That is where the UX comes in. If you are having a great UX for your app, then your users are simply going to enjoy using it. The greatest fact is that they can even be your loyal advocates if they really like your app. 

Best 5 UX Design Examples That Can Be Of Great Help

If you are still wondering how UX is essential and how it has actually determined the success of the bigger startups, then check out some of the best examples. These startups have actually followed all the basic UX guidelines pretty well. Let’s check them out:

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a great e-learning app that has taken the market by storm with its top-notch features and overwhelming user interface. Through this app, the users have even started learning a new language. This app allows the users to decide on the plan they want to use, sign up and pay for it. 

2. Patagonia

Another famous clothing company, Patagonia is known for its good feedback precision technique. At every touchpoint, they ask the user with feedback. You can even do the same for your app.

However, asking unspecific and unnecessary feedback is completely useless. Patagonia solves this by allowing the users to actually set the context of their comment by tapping on the region of the relatable page. 

3. Paypal

What can be more good to cite Paypal as an example? A payment integration app like Paypal is trusted and used by almost every working professionals. Secured transactions and protected bank details are what, Paypal assures its users with. 

However, currently, it is in the process of simplifying its mobile and web app experience to make the transaction process more simpler and faster. 

4. Google

The boss of all “Google” simply not just works like a typical search engine but has a seamless user experience. It allows the users to get whatever information they want without taking much time to load. 

Google knows if you are a new or old user, and does not bother you, even if you are a returning user or want to register as a guest user.  

5. Yelp

Another famous application, Yelp turns out to be exceptionally good, when it comes to finding out something. Through the usage of Google Maps, Yelp automatically takes in the user’s location and helps the users to refine their searches. 

On the location page, you can get all the information that is required including menu, hours, top reviews, direction, and others. Yelp is now moving ahead by helping you in order delivery and pickup which is indeed a good thing. With its multi-faceted features, Yelp has become one of the most favorite apps for the people. 

Got The Idea Of UX Game? 

UX is a simple thing. You can never achieve that in one go. Your users will try and test your app and then give you reviews. UX is about how you listen to your customer’s reviews and implement them. 

By maintaining a proper UX design, you can retain your customers and also gain new users. Right from the process of user onboarding till upselling prompts, a good UX design maximizes the chances of your app’s success. Want to know more about the importance of UX design and how you can make your app more user-friendly through it? Connect the best mobile app development company today. 


Author's Bio: 

Hi, I am Swarnendu De, the Co-founder of Innofied, an Award-Winning Apps & Game Development company. Here, I manage the Technical & Business Development Operations. With over 10 years of industry experience, I also authored Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices, published by Packt Publishing, UK. Apart from that, I also regularly write at my company blogs, LinkedIn and other popular platforms.