Cars are like a buddy or a family member for most of the owners. People don’t treat them the way usually other machines at home are used. However, still they take a lifetime to figure out what could be troubling it and generally they do it only after they take it to a service garage for the car service bournemouth, costing them a fortune in many cases.

Could the situation be any better?

Well, this blog aims at telling the readers about the tips to keep this cost at its minimum and take care of the car the way they feel about it, a part of a family and their life.

1. Purchase your car according to your need

Often the looks are the deciding factor whether a car is coming with you or not when clearly the interiors should be that reason. If a smaller car engine can meet your performance needs why spend on the bigger one when it consumes comparatively more fuel. If you read more on a rough terrain, choosing anything other than an SUV can make your pocket burn with the amounting maintenance cost. Then there is the expertise of Asian, European, Japanese and American, each with specific benefits. So, the first principle to keep the routine car costs low is investing in one that’s more suitable to your needs.

2. Get a more working knowledge of your car

The first place is the User Manual that comes with it. Usually, the manual is thrown in the documents’ drawer and forgotten when it should be in the car for easy access in the time of need. It has service schedule of your car, basic issues and how to take address them without needing to call a service agent. The manual also helps in getting familiarizing with your car better to carry out any basic maintenance with confidence. Additionally, there are websites like AutoMD which are respected for their content on troubleshooting car issues. Taking a basic car care class can also do the trick.

3. Keep the basic car issue scanning tools/gadgets and learn to use them

Keep basic gadgets/scanning tools/applications like BlueDriver and FIXD in your smartphone to check and address issues in the car like there’s one for car tyres, engine oil, etc. They can save you a visit to the garage if you address the problem before it’s too late. Gadgets like these also save you from surprises like a flat tyre (if you know the tyre pressure or have a can like Fix-A-Flat), engine issues, low battery, low coolant and other things like that. The applications can work to scan issues by plugging a mini gadget into the car’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD II) port and then checking the application for the results, which are of professional quality. It could get a bit technical so before investing in them make your mind about both having and learning about them which is only second to knowing your car full well.

4. Be cautious of how you handle your car

Paying attention to how you drive can save you a lot of money that you might otherwise be put in the trip to the service garage. Here are some tips worth following:
• Carry less load to let your engine feel easy and not unnecessarily worked up.
• Keep the recommended level of tyre pressure.
• Drive responsibly as speeding up cause wear and tear in brakes, engine, and the tyres earlier.
• Change engine oil regularly.
• Check the water level regularly.
• Do not forget to review the battery condition.
• Turn the engine off while waiting to save fuel.
• Always purchase genuine spare parts and products, ensuring lesser potential repair costs.

5. Get the car serviced regularly but not more

Regular servicing keeps the car in its best shape; never ever think about skipping it to prevent expensive repairs later. A trusted mechanic or the independent service garage you are very satisfied with can help you do that. However, you must also curb your tendencies of over-protecting it by taking it more often than needed or before its time. It will only translate monetarily which you wanted to prevent. Knowing how to perform basic check-up also prepares you to negotiate a better servicing price just as keeping a tab on discounts and coupons for such jobs.
With these tips, you are better equipped to lower your car maintenance cost.

Author's Bio: 

Mike Coulson is a content marketer and blogger who recently search about the MOT check bournemouth and share some ideas about the car maintenance to clear the ministry of transport test and regular repair or maintenance within budget.