Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can go wrong during the web development process; the chances of these sorts of mistakes occurring only increases when working with large projects and short deadlines. It is hoped that by familiarizing yourself with five of the biggest blunders, you will be less likely to make them in the course of your future work. So, what are some of the biggest development blunders?

  • Forgetting to update name servers
    Usually, web development work is completed on an IP address or an alternate domain. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it does mean that the name servers (which tell you where the domain is located) will need to be updated before the big launch.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
    Whilst this issue is not really the fault of the development team, it is generally believed that, as they will be spending a large amount of time working on and testing the website, that they will be able to spot these sorts of mistakes.
  • Links that go nowhere
    Have you ever visited a brand new website and clicked on a few links only to find that they point to pages that apparently do not exist? This can vastly affect your ranking and the user experience. Make sure that the web development team has checked and double-checked all links.
  • Forgetting to allow search engines
    Sometimes those conducting the developers decide to block the search engines from accessing the website, as this prevents unfinished demo pages from being indexed. If this has occurred, make sure that search engines have been unblocked and are allowed to index your content.
  • Not checking for cross-browser compatibility
    More often than not, the web development stage focuses on Firefox or Safari as the browser of choice. Before launch, however, you need to make sure that the site works on Opera and Internet Explorer as well; many people still search in these ways.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid making all of the above web development blunders, beginning with familiarizing yourself with what the blunders actually are and ending with taking steps to ensure that they are avoided at all costs. For many developers, writing a checklist for before the website launch is helpful, whereas for others making it someone’s express job is the solution. No matter what course you choose, avoid the above blunders and experience real success.

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