Brand development is a very important component of any strategy looking to gain a competitive edge over other bloggers! In fact if yours is an internet marketing blog, building a brand is all the more important simply because money is now involved! Let's have a quick look at 5 ways bloggers can establish for themselves a competitive edge by building a brand!

Domain Name

Being that your domain name is essentially your internet address, you are off to a good start if you can get one that reflects what you do! Now there is a better than even chance your first few selections may already be taken however with a little creativity, finding a suitable domain mane can be done! You may want to find something that reflects the purpose behind your internet marketing blog if you can't locate one that reinforces your desired identity! Simply keep it relevant and you'll be good to go!

Blog Title

Often times what you chose as the title of your site will also be an indication of what your mission statement is! Here too you are simply reinforcing your chosen identity by reminding visitors what they can expect once they land on your platform! In every case when building a brand, you want it to be positive and relevant to what you are intending to accomplish!

Bio Page

Your about page is NOT something you should overlook or deem as unimportant since if done properly can give you a clear competitive edge in your field! Visitors are naturally curious to learn a little something about the person 'behind' the content they are viewing! The bio page gives you the opportunity to tell people who you are, how you're qualified to write about the topic you do and what your intentions are! What goes into the bio page should always be consistent with the identity you are wanting develop!

Content ( Of Course)

Any updates you post on your internet marketing blog should have relevance to the central theme of your site! With that in mind the content you create can also be used to help you in your branding efforts as well! At the very least be mindful to NOT post anything that undermines or goes counter to the image you are developing!

Product Offers

The products or services you offer to visitors need to maintain the overall theme of your blogging platform! In terms of branding you business blog you simply want to be sure your offers or claims are legitimate and of good quality! In just about every case having a positive image will give you a competitive edge and you can reinforce this image through 'ethical' marketing!

Brand development is just as important for bloggers as any other person who establishes a presence online! In fact if you have an internet marketing blog building a brand is almost a necessity to gain a competitive edge within this ever growing industry! The 5 tips discussed above serve to help bloggers become more of a force within their own niche by simply building a brand! After all if you do NOT stand out how do you expect readers to take notice of all your hard work and efforts?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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