Unfortunately, too many women require breast reconstruction for a variety of reasons. Unlike the cosmetic and aesthetic procedure of breast implants, breast cancer, disease, and trauma complicate breast reconstruction as the flesh manipulated to conceal and support cosmetic breast implants has been removed. Therefore, this procedure so essential in the restoration of mind and spirit of most recovering from mastectomy requires skilled plastic surgeons who understand the difference and the technicalities involved.

Many myths surround breast reconstruction surgery. Below are some facts to clear any doubts you have about the procedure.

Myth #1: It is not safe.

While all types of breast implants are FDA approved and safe, like any other surgical procedure, there are attendant risks. Discuss and understand the benefits and risks of your procedure with your surgeon prior to making a decision.

Myth #2: Implants are dangerous to the body.

Though foreign materials introduced into a body can lead to rejection by the immune system, breast implants stimulate minimal rejection. At the most, there is a risk of the implants rupturing or leaking which is a minor side-effect of the procedure.

Myth #3: Breast reconstruction entails a long recovery period.

The recovery time varies, and depends on the method of breast reconstruction your surgeon uses. Cosmetic breast implants require a recovery period of a week to ten days. However, living tissue reconstruction may take ten to fourteen days of recovery time. Whichever method is appropriate for your circumstances, refraining from strenuous physical activity for a month or two will help ensure complete recovery and prevent complications.

Myth #4: Breastfeeding is difficult after the surgery.

Living tissue reconstruction following mastectomy involves the manipulation of skin and muscle in addition to the breast implants. Mastectomy removes the mammary gland which produces milk and cannot be restored. However, breast implant surgery performed in the appropriate technique will not affect milk production or restrict you from feeding your baby, although incisions through the nipple or areola make cause difficulty in breastfeeding.

Myth #5: Textured breast implants used in breast reconstruction tend to produce visible rippling when compared to smooth shell implants.

Rippling of breasts is caused by under filling of implants or because of use of large implants in women with thin breast tissue, which leads to gravity pulling the implants downward. Rippling is not at all connected with the use of smooth or textured breast implants but to improper size or ill-informed choices.

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