Article marketing serves multiple purposes for anyone building a business online. The best part is that some of these benefits are deep rooted and long lasting. One of the more obvious benefits you get from writing articles that are published online is the traffic it generates but even that is accomplish in multiple ways.

Here are 5 benefits you can expect to receive that are of major significance when building a business when you get your articles published online.

Resource Box Clicks

This may be the first, and for many, the only anticipated benefit from writing articles and submitting them online. The resource box, which contains your link, is just one source of traffic you can expect to receive. People get their interest aroused by what you wrote and follow the link back to your site.

Republished Articles

Here is where the viral effect of article submissions begins to take hold. Other entrepreneurs looking for content similar to what their interests are take your work and republish it on their own site. Now they will generate traffic that will view what you wrote and hopefully follow your link back to your designated site. More exposure and more visitors for you without any additional effort on your part, way to go!

By the way you are also developing back links with anybody who does republish your content on their sites. This will contribute to a higher search engine ranking for you and more free traffic to go with it!


Building a recognizable brand when marketing online can give you a huge advantage being it helps you stand out from the competition. The most effective way to establish a brand is by taking consistent and repeated actions that reinforce the image you are trying to develop. Writing articles is perfect for this because like branding it must be done repeatedly to be effective. Both strategies also require taking measures to gain massive exposure and once again spreading content around online will accomplish this for you as well.


Another important intangible you need to establish when building a business is to build credibility as well. Having the trust of people helps to boost your marketing effectiveness which translates into less work for more sales!

Increases Online Exposure

Regardless of whatever you may be promoting your success depends upon getting your message out in front of people. As mentioned above expanding your exposure is the first step towards expanding your income. Whenever you have something published online you will hopefully have your content republished by others who have similar interests. In this way they are now helping to increase your exposure!

Article marketing can be labor intensive compared to other promotional strategies but the benefits it offers tend to be more deeply rooted. When building a business online you need to not only promote your products but also build a positive image or reputation that is an asset that will serve you well over the long run. Writing articles that reflect your business interest and getting them published online will help you achieve these things, as discussed above, and in a variety of ways. So the next time you are lacking the motivation to write, think more in terms of the benefits you stand to gain from your one time effort!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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