Ever since it was reported that celebrities has been using hypnosis to help them with their lives, it seems that everyone became interested with this new method. Matt Damon was the very first to announce his hypnosis therapy and said it was the best decision he made in his life. Since then, more and more celebrities have become interested with this new therapy to help them lose weight. Weight loss hypnotherapy is the newest trend in Hollywood that has been proven by many celebrities to be an effective means to get the weight that you have always wanted to achieve. Here are other more celebrities who can attest to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to lose weight:

• Sophie Dahl – she is a model who testifies that hypnotherapy has indeed helped her. She was previously a plus-sized model from England who has always been proud of her size. But after a sudden change of heart she dropped a huge amount of weight and claimed hypnotherapy has helped her lose weight. Today, she is living a healthy lifestyle, is considered a pinup model, and has definitely managed to keep her weight for 10 years now.

• Orlando Bloom – he is one of the earliest patients to use hypnosis to lose therapy. His grandmother took him to a hypnotherapist to help him overcome his chocolate addiction and lose weight. With how great he looks today, this therapy has indeed helped him lose weight and maintain a great shape.

• Albert Einstein – who would have thought that a genius like him would use hypnotherapy to help develop his mind. He uses this therapy to help him formulate ideas. It has been said that the theory of relativity which we so famously use today actually came to him during one of his sessions.

• Lily Allen – another famous voluptuous singer from the UK who dropped 3 dress sizes after using hypnotherapy. Now, she looks great and is in great shape.

• Tiger Woods – just like Orlando Bloom, Tiger Woods also has been using hypnotherapy since he was a kid. He uses hypnotherapy to help concentrate better during his games and to help him get in shape for the games as well. The therapy just proves to be effective on him as he is one of the highest paid athletes and probably the most successful golfer of all time.

Losing weight can be quite difficult especially if you don’t have any motivation and inspiration to do it. This is why many people, especially celebrities, are resorting to hypnotherapy to help them get the motivation they need to lose weight. If you want a celebrity body, you can use this therapy to help you become motivated as well and achieve the body that you’ve always wanted.

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Neil Harris believes that weight loss hypnotherapy is an excellent method for treatment of these kind of disorders. Following the same path Adam Cumberland a leading London Harley Street based hypnotherapist has given a new direction to hypnotherapy London. He has also provides treatment to problems like social anxiety disorder , people phobia and Social Phobia.