We've seen it and heard about it so now let's discuss it, what is great content and how do you create it? What does it take to write and publish something your readers really enjoy? Let's explore the 5 main components content needs to make it something that is really interesting to read!


Whenever you write and publish anything at all it's best that what you offer is original in some form or fashion! The more unique your content is the better your chances it will be viewed by your readers simply because it's something they've yet to see! Uniqueness will also help your efforts get a higher search ranking since it's NOT rehashed information found elsewhere! This higher ranking will also lead to more people viewing what you published!


Presenting information that's relevant to current issues and/or the interests of your readers is another great way to attract viewers! People for the most part are in search of information that will answer a question, help them in some way or is otherwise interesting to read! The point here is it MUST be relevant to their interests or they will simply move on without viewing what you published!


The best way to get people to view anything you write and publish is to engage them in a way that immediately captures their attention! The title and first paragraph play a crucial role in capturing the attention of people in this regard since it's the first thing they will see! By making shocking claims or statements or even simply asking a question are perfect examples of how to engage your readers!


As stated previously, people typically look for information that will be useful to them therefore if what you write and publish is NOT accurate, you're only hurting yourself! Firstly your reputation will be tainted and your efforts will be wasted and this could also influence people from disregarding any future efforts of yours! If you intend to publish something useful be sure your claims and facts are accurate otherwise you'll simply diminish any credibility you've earned!


Developing content takes time and energy to research, compose and edit therefore it only makes sense to write and publish something that continues to interest people! The term 'evergreen' is tossed around as a way to describe content that remains both relevant and useful! This is typically a topic that is not affected by new trends and focuses more on 'mainstream' issues that don't or won't change!

Great content is something your readers will always appreciate and something you can easily learn to write and publish yourself! The 5 components reviewed above are typically found in popular content being used in different combinations and even by themselves! As a writer these should be benchmarks for you to follow when composing any type of information to make it more interesting to read! After all if your readers don't enjoy what you wrote than what's the point?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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