Today, there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting bathroom tapware regardless of whether you need a shower, bath or basin taps in your lifestyle. It is imperative to fit taps that are not only simple to use and functional but also that are cleverly crafted with stunning designs that can balance the rest of your bathroom space effortlessly. Here are the five clever tips that will help you to purchase the best bathroom tapware:

1. Mixer or Separate Taps

The primary difference is that mixers are available as an all-in-one unit whereas tap set is available in a 3-piece with a spout. While mixers radiate a modish look and suitable for contemporary settings, the 3-piece tap set provides a more traditional style. The selection will mainly depend on the style you want to achieve in your bath or basin, as there is no major difference with regards to their pricing. Mixer taps mix the cold and hot water inside before releasing out through the spout, allowing you to control the temperature of the water flow. With a gentle push, you can easily turn on or turn off the mixer taps.

2. Mix & Match

Well, you can also pick different tap sets for your basin, bath and shower with different design and colour choices to harmonise the overall look of your bathroom. For example, you may like to have stainless steel taps with chrome finish for your toilet and basin whereas you may like to have a gold finish for your bath and shower tap set.

3. Usability

Indeed, style alone is not everything and that you should be able to use your taps with the utmost ease. Therefore, think about how you’re going to use them. Take into account the type of fixtures you have prior to making a tapware selection. Would you like to have your basin taps wall mounted or prefer something tall above your basin? Do you require a long spout that stretches over your bath? And would they protrude too far in your shower? Answering these vital questions will help you to choose the best bathroom tapware.

4. See WELS Rating for Buying Water Saving Taps

Look for WELS rating on the packaging of the taps – A higher star-rating means lower consumption of water and a reduced water bill. Not only can you save some money but also you will help in protecting mother nature. That’s why it’s important to check the WELS rating on the packaging of brand new taps.

5. Compatible

You have to buy taps separately, as they don’t come with your fixtures. Therefore, you have to ensure the taps you buy are compatible with your fixtures. For the generic type of fixtures, generic taps will fit appropriately; however, some taps are designed to fit only on a specific type of fixture. Next important thing is to find out the position that will be perfect for fitting your taps – in the middle of the basin or to the side and find out if they require some space left behind. These issues often don’t appear until installation, so think about it before purchasing your tapware.

An Array of Choices

Established brands such as Caroma, Dorf, Novelli, Methven, Rossto, as well as, Bastow and Flexispray among others have an array of bath, shower and basin taps for sale at great prices. You can buy Caroma tapware and Dorf taps online in Australia. These reputed brands are known to provide durable, sturdy, functional, stylish and water saving tapware range.

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