The B2B marketing landscape is shifting and evolving at its fastest ever pace. Any number of tools, techniques and strategies that once guaranteed success no longer apply. In fact, they could stand to have the opposite of the intended effect.

Hence, it’s important to take an occasional step back from your B2B strategy and question which outdated methods you may well be holding on to. If any of the following apply, you’re almost definitely hindering your progress and performance from within:

Mistake #1: Insufficient Promotion
Right off the bat, you need to get out of the "If I Build It, They Will Come" mindset as quickly as possible. You may prefer to get by a on word-of-mouth, or perhaps don’t feel too good about blowing your own proverbial trumpet. Sadly, you’re up against ferocious and completely unforgiving competition. Rivals who are actively promoting themselves far more aggressively than you, putting your prospects in a difficult position. Unless you give them every reason to take more interest in you than your competitors, why would they?

Mistake #2: Lack of Social Engagement
In B2B and B2C spheres alike, today’s buyer expects and demands engagement at the highest level. They show preference to brands that are active and engaged with their audiences on social media, providing a steady stream of content and getting involved in the conversation. There’s no room for a traditional one-way channel of communication these days. The more actively involved you are with your target audience, the more likely they are to reward you with their business. Establish any communication or engagement barriers whatsoever and they’ll (unsurprisingly) stand in your way.

Mistake #3: Ignoring SEO
Or not necessarily ignoring SEO, but not providing your search marketing campaign with sufficient focus. It’s worth remembering that B2B buyers are just as reliant on search engines when carrying out vital research as anyone else. Unless it’s your business that appears prominently in the SERP rankings, you’ll be consistently outperformed by your competitors. When going about you SEO strategy, bear in mind that Google is showing stronger preference than ever before to businesses that focus heavily on local and regional SEO.

Mistake #4: Not Blogging
This harks back to the previous points regarding engagement, while at the same time making a significant contribution to your SEO strategy. Blogging isn’t just about promoting your products and services - it’s an all-round platform for providing your audience with important insights into who you are, what you do and how you do it. Tell your story, boost awareness of your brand and cultivate trust in your target audience. Just ensure that if you do get busy with a blog, you take it seriously and publish quality content on a regular basis.

Mistake #5: Not Leveraging Happy Customers
Last but not least, every satisfied customer you’ve worked with represents a powerful promotional tool of limitless value. The strategic use of social proof - reviews, testimonials, customer recommendations etc. - can and will enhance the appeal of your products and your services. It’s one thing for you to sing the praises of your products - it’s something else entirely for happy customers to do so on your behalf.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Jenkinson works as an outsourced marketing manager providing marketing support to businesses.