Writer's block is a common occurrence for anyone who frequently writes any type of composition. Whether you are trying to write an article or supply useful information in another format on a regular basis this nemesis will occasionally disrupt your progress. What is it that causes these disruptions to your creative thinking bringing the writing process to a screeching halt? Here are 5 common causes behind your 'temporary' inability to compose useful information for whatever need you may have.


Your mind is no different than your body in terms of the rest it needs. When you are tired your ability to tap into any creative juices can be severely challenged. Writing in a state of fatigue will likely not only frustrate you but lengthen the writing process as well leading to further discouragement. You will be at your best when you are well rested.


Being anxious about something is a double edge sword in terms of your writing abilities. Anxiety will tend to tire you out along with significantly disrupting your focus. The only solution here is to address the source of your anxieties first so that your mind can better focus.


As mentioned above your focus is a significant key in your ability to write an article or produce any other type of content in an efficient manner. Select your 'work' space so that outside distractions are minimized.


Whether it is an 'outside' deadline or self imposed time limitations, the mental state this creates tends to tense you and restrict your ability to think creatively. Now not all people react negatively to pressure however the majority do and you may be one of them.

Self - Doubt

Whether it is the popularity of the subject you are writing about, your knowledge of the material or your own writing abilities, self doubt can stop you in your tracks. Actually your own increasing doubts are the seeds to full blown anxieties of which we spoke of above. The only things that will help you overcome your own doubts are to do your homework and be confident in your own abilities.

Remember if you are continuously producing useful information for others to read, you are already in a minority. This alone should boost your confidence!

For anyone ever having the need to write 'creatively' about any subject it is likely that you too have been stricken with writer's block. This temporary state renders you almost useless disrupting the writing process and increasing your frustrations. It matters little whether you are trying to write an article or compose some other type of useful information. This 'paralysis' of your ability to think creatively strikes out of nowhere and can leave you just as fast. The 5 common causes for these disruptions are discussed above and serve as a reminder that to overcome this 'assault' on your creative thinking you must first address the source. Being familiar with what is likely causing any unexpected shutdown of the writing process now gives you the chance to diffuse the problem.

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