Even though beard is a new rage, can you stay with overgrown and messy facial hair? Certainly not! Similarly, dogs need grooming too. With a proper pet grooming routine, your dog can look the most 'Envious Pet of the Neighborhood'! But what are the steps involved in pet grooming?

The very first step involved in pet grooming is hair clipping. Well, if you are planning to take your dog to a professional groomer, stop right there! You can save lots of money by getting a dog hair trimmer india .
Many people ask a plethora of questions related to dog clippers. We will be enlisting a few common questions asked by pet lovers-
When should I clip for the first time?
That depends on the type of breed and grooming regime. The transition from puppy to an adult dog is not very long and the coat will develop over time. You can consult a vet for the same!
How to prepare my dog for the first clip?
Firstly, clipping is certainly not rocket science. Many vets suggest pet owners visit a professional groomer for first clipping. However, they are simply trying to make business! You can do hair trimming all by yourself. You can find a complete range of best andis dog clippers for first clipping!

Is single speed clipper efficient?
Speed offer control to the user. Different devices have different speed options like three speed, two speed, and single speed. With one or two settings you can change the speed and trim the hair. The two-speed clipper is quite common and most preferred by pet groomers. It offers efficient cuts on the coat and deliberate cuts on other areas. Many professionals recommend Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed pet Clipper for dog hair trimming.

How to be sure whether a model is perfect for my dog?
It is the most important factor when it comes to pet grooming. The better the device, the better the appeal! Moreover, we also need a clipper which is cost efficient and effective. Look for the following three aspects while buying a clipper-
1. Noise - Buy a device which produces less noise while clipping. Many dogs might get frightened due to the noise.
2. Vibration - Vibration could distress a dog. Make sure to buy a device with less vibratory motion.
3. Heat - Many clippers generate heat on blades while clipping. Therefore, check for heat options too!
Shall I go with cord or a cordless clipper?
As far as cords are concerned, a cordless device is very efficient. It is portable and consumes less electricity, unlike a corded device. Moreover, the choice of corded or cordless device depends upon individual breed. Many dogs prefer to get their haircut inside a room while others out in the open. For the latter, a cordless clipper is preferable. Professionals suggest Andis Pulse ZR II Cordless Clipper due to its long battery life!

Many devices have the same blades. Is it the standard choice?
A #10 ceramic blades are the standard choice of blade irrespective of the brand and price! It is a basic and safe option to start with. You can go for a device like Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper Pet Clipper which releases the blade easily.

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