Regardless of the type of fence you are looking forward to setting up at your property, you must not commit certain mistakes. Remember, fencing might look easy, but it is always easier said than done. In fact, there are innumerable instances, when people have committed mistakes while fencing, which has left them in a tongue in cheek condition. That is the reason, it is always better to turn to seasoned contractors providing fencing services, rather than trying our DIY stuff.

Nevertheless, let us discuss a few mistakes that people end up committing while setting up fences.

Blundering on the Boundary Line

You may have a notion that you know precisely where the boundary line is, but the reality is, even if there is existing fencing that you will replace or a mark that you are to follow, you might very well make a blunder. That is the reason, the best step will be to hire a construction surveyor who will assess the premise of your property and demarcate properly and accurately. With the proper tools and measurement procedure, they will be able to demarcate the boundary line correctly. Now hire a professional fencing service provider to follow that demarcation and set up the fence properly.

Making Mistake With the Utilities

A mistake in the survey will yield more than just some erroneous results. It will fail to give you the exact location of the utilities. Ideally, if you have any utility service underground that falls within your premise, then the utility company will take its control and will have the rightful access to the same. This is where the danger not knowing about the presence of any utility under your property lies. If in the process of setting up the fencing you inflict any damage to their property, it will invite trouble with capital 'T'. Thus, it is safest to bestow the responsibility to a fencing contractor in Sutherland or anywhere else depending upon your location. It will take care of everything.

Forgetting the Gate Position

People generally mug up when it comes to determining the position of the gate while fencing or they forget altogether to set up the position of the gate. Or, even if people set up a gate position, they do so in a wrongful way. Ideally, the gate should be in such a place, where the soil will naturally allow the water to drain away. This will make sure no muddy puddles are formed in front of the gateway, causing inconvenience during the rainy seasons.

Not Taking the Height Restrictions Into Account

Generally, there is no restriction regarding the ranch-style fences that you set up. However, for certain types of fences, the height does matter and is subject to certain restrictions in some states. Not taking them into account is a mistake – something that the seasoned contractors will never make.

Making an Error Regarding the Post Strength

Determining the post strength is an intricate chapter in fencing. Firstly, you will have to take into account the type of soil on which the fence is to be set up, and the type of the fence itself needs to be considered as well. Moreover, to add more strength to the entire fencing, you must set up the strongest posts at the four corners of the intended area. As such, they should go deepest into the ground as well. Then again, you just cannot go excessively deep with them. So you see, there is a lot of mathematics involved and the scope of committing a mistake is quite considerable.

Therefore, it is best to turn to fencing contractors in Sutherland Shire to have the fencing done perfectly.

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