If you are living in the countryside, it pretty much goes without saying that the aspect of fencing is an absolute must. Neglecting this can lead to some costly problems for you to deal with in the long run. No two ways about that, really. Not only do you need it to demarcate your space and keep outsiders out and informed, but it also plays a vital and important role in keeping all the grazing animals and pests out of reach from all of your plants and vegetables.

Just like some people prefer a DIY job, you can be sure of the fact that quite a few people out there would like to hire out a trusted fencing service that can be relied upon. Whichever method suits your fancy, there are many mistakes that people tend to make while fencing which can lead to a lot of heavy costs in the long run. Be it the case of you hiring fencing supplies in Brisbane as well as pool fencing in Brisbane from Singh Fabrications, there have been enough cases of properly constructed fences sagging and collapsing after only three months. Not a situation that can be considered normal under any circumstances.

Having said that, here are the top five most common fencing mistakes:-

1. Choosing the wrong kind of fencing:

Selecting the best fencing is anything but an easy process since every fence out there has its pros and cons. This is exactly why it will help you in more ways that one to do a sizeable amount of planning and research. If you are looking to fence a grazing area, then a high tensile electric fence is the best bet. Whereas a normal plank fence would suit the driveway perfectly.

2. Not anchoring down the posts:

A fence is only as strong as the posts that it is supported by. Period. No amount of hard work and planning is going to come to your aid if you forget that basic fact. Plus they are also rather expensive for the most part.

Two types of posts need to be remembered here - anchor posts and line posts. Anchor posts are the posts that are placed in key positions such as gates curves and corners while line posts are the evenly spaced posts that are between the anchor posts.

3. Putting up gates in the wrong place:

Nothing is worse than finding out that you have placed a gate in the wrong place. And placing them in a well-drained area to avoid waterlogging and muddy conditions during the monsoon is only a part of the overall puzzle.

With regard to the movement of people, make sure that you place the gate in the most convenient spot so that foot traffic is made easier on the whole. Just remember that the aspect of placement is everything.

4. Going into someone else's property:

Surprisingly, this problem is a lot more common than most people would usually think. The worst is discovering years later that it is on someone else's property and has to be taken down. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you know exactly where your property line is, even if it means hiring out a surveyor to find out.

5. Accidentally digging into underground utilities:

Before digging, you need to ensure that there are no underground structures that your fence may interfere with, like a septic tank for instance. Since the depth of utility lines vary from place to place, you need to make sure that you do your homework thoroughly with regard to this particular aspect.

Whether you hire a service or do it on your own is up to you. The underlying point is that one needs to keep the above five points in mind at all times. While hiring out the services of a professional fencing company, you would do well to make a note of whether they have all the five above pointers in mind. If they don’t, then moving to another company is probably the best course of action.

Most importantly, do not attempt to take matters into your own hands if this is your first time. It is as simple as that. Nobody wants to be in the situation of having to do expensive as well as time-consuming double work in the future simply because they were careless about the fencing process in the beginning or had little to no clue about what to even do in the first place.

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