Most likely, when you think of cosmetic dentistry, you imagine a picture-perfect smile with shiny and beautiful teeth. Though teeth whitening is a very common and productive cosmetic procedure, there’s much more to cosmetic dentistry than that.

Did you know that by improving the way your teeth look, you can improve your health too? Cosmetic dentistry can even enhance your attitude towards life and your self-esteem!

Keep reading to learn other interesting but largely unknown facts about cosmetic dentistry.

1.Caring about the appearance of your teeth is in your nature
It’s pretty common to desire a good-looking smile. Actually, people have been concerned about the way their teeth look since ancient days. First dentures were produced back in 700 BC!

The majority of people typically neglect cosmetic dentistry due to dental anxiety or because they don’t even know about it or think that it’s too costly.

2. Porcelain veneers are resistant to discoloration
Teeth discoloration doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth are damaged, but still, you’re unlikely to feel happy about a stained smile. It can be the result of drinking numerous cups of coffee or tea during the day. With these harmful habits, it can be quite hard to maintain the natural color of your teeth, even with proper teeth care.

Teeth whitening can perform miracles for minor and moderate teeth discoloration. But if you’re dealing with severe stains on your teeth and enamel erosion, dental veneers can be an appropriate and convenient solution. They can not only whiten your teeth, but elegantly conceal fractures, chips, and gaps too. While looking just like your natural teeth, dental veneers are actually much less prone to discoloration, which makes them the perfect option to fix severely discolored teeth.

3. Cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance and health of your teeth
Dental problems can turn into cosmetic issues if neglected for a long time. For instance, untreated cavities can often result in tooth loss. If you have issues with cavities, dental fillings can prevent the situation from worsening.

Avoiding treating your lost teeth can lead to TMJ problems, jawbone deterioration (which can result in structural changes in your face), gingivitis, and problems with food consumption. If you’re dealing with lost teeth, dental solutions like an implant, crown, bridge, and dental bonding can help fix the gap in your smile and recover the proper function simultaneously.

4. You can practice preventive cosmetic dentistry at home
Although the majority of cosmetic dental problems require the help of a dental specialist, there are things you can do by yourself to maintain your teeth in proper condition.

Try to avoid soft drinks — they’re among the main culprits of teeth discoloration and cavities development. Drink more water to wash away food residue and dangerous bacteria from your mouth. Rinse your mouth with clean water after eating foods that are high in sugar and drinking beverages that lead to teeth discoloration (the list includes red wine, tea, and coffee). Use dental floss and brush your teeth properly before going to sleep to prevent bacteria from damaging your enamel at night time.

5. You can subconsciously clench and gnash your teeth during your sleep
Bruxism is a condition that makes you grind, clench or gnash your teeth. You can even be prone to suffer from it during the day time. The main culprits of bruxism are stressful lifestyle and misaligned teeth. In severe cases, bruxism can seriously damage the appearance of your teeth. It can lead to enamel erosion making your teeth look shorter and flatter.

If you’re dealing with continuous headaches, painful sensations in your jaw, cracked or chipped teeth, and problems with sleeping, you should consult with a dental specialist ASAP. A dental specialist can check your symptoms, so you can fix the cause on-time and prevent both aesthetic and functional issues of teeth grinding.

The bottom line
Cosmetic dentistry can provide minimally invasive ways of treatments by using modern technologies to achieve perfect results. If you experience any aesthetic problems with your teeth, consider consulting a dental specialist to treat your dental problems and prevent further complications.

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