Technology has influenced the way that products are made in the security industry. Now, you have smart devices that automatically turn on security lights, lock doors and more. Homeowners can monitor their homes from thousands of miles away. Know about 5 cool gadgets designed to enhance safety at home and protect the residents.

1. Wireless Motion Sensor

Install this device on a door or window to detect motion from several meters away. The wireless ranges vary from 100 feet or more. Some devices send off an alarm if the intruder comes too close. Also, include security cameras to view the area that is giving off signals.

2. Alarmed Padlocks

If the padlock is not secure enough, get one equipped with an alarm. Typical places for padlocks are doors to private rooms, restricted-use appliances and safes. The motion sensor sends off an alarm when someone tampers with the lock.

3. Smart Door Sensor

Install alarm sensors that turn regular doors into smart doors. Create custom alerts that are sent to your smartphone whenever the doors open. People with kids will need this device to keep their homes safe from intruders. Parents with teens know what it's like to have too many houseguests.

The costs vary based on the type of product or service. Many security systems have activation fees followed by monitoring fees. For your alarms, look for trusted brand names in the industry, and compare Vivint prices vs ADT prices before you settle on one deal.

4. Door Stop Alarm

Prevent the door from being opened by unwanted visitors. If someone tries to, have the door blocked and hear an alarm sound off to alert you. Some devices are adjustable to switch the alarm on or off. Today, many alarms have alerts sent to your smartphone or computer.

5. Wireless Siren

The wireless siren works outdoors or indoors to scare off intruders. Some sirens come with lights that turn on automatically at the same moment that the alarms do. Automatic shut offs are available to turn off after one or more minutes. Indoors, install a siren in every other room and control each one with a remote control.

You may benefit from one or two gadgets to keep your home safe from thieves and intruders. Each gadget is efficient, streamlined and very modern in design. All of them are cleverly made to detect and prevent crime that could happen on your property.

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