A recent survey by Statistica has revealed that the number of social media users is going to hit 3.02 million per month by the year 2021. You will be surprised to know that this number is one-third of the world’s entire population! Therefore, it is obvious that social media is going to be more engaging in the coming days.

It implies that if you are running a business and not confident enough about developing strong brand awareness on social media, your customers might be choosing you, competitors. Well, this is true there is no documented rule that every entrepreneur should have a vast knowledge of social media. Similarly, lack of knowledge in a particular field does not mean that you should deprive your business of its benefits. Most businesses fail to reap all the benefits of social media because they do not know how to utilize its advantages. These days, a number of entrepreneurs are deploying social media training in Australia.

This article has listed five smartest ways to reap the most benefits of social media. Let’s dive into the details:

1. If you own an eCommerce store, drive traffic to your store with social media

For eCommerce stores, social media is the best platform that helps your business catch the attention of a number of people who might be interested in the products you are offering. Social media empower an e-commerce store by driving traffic. You will be able to scale your business with quickly with the help of targeted social media campaigns, such as Facebook advertising. This advertising is able to drive more traffic to your eCommerce store. On social media, you need to display your products in a way that can make the audience want to buy the products. This you can achieve by targeting the right kind of people.

2. Keep your audience engaged with plenty of interesting videos and content

Gone are the days of text and images. These days, the feed of every social media network is full of video content. Moreover, algorithms have been modified and these modified algorithms prefer video content. Already 86% of businesses have used video on their website and 77% of businesses have used video on social media platforms.

There is plenty of ways through which you can use videos for keeping your audience engaged and growing. For this, you may document one of your upcoming product launch event. You can make a video to show how to use your products for reaping maximum benefits. However, you may come up with many other creative ideas to make an interesting video and keep the audience engaged. For getting more ideas, you may consider an effective social media strategy training course.

3. Build brand awareness and market your offerings on social media with targeted influencers

You can use social media to develop online audiences that can be considered as your assets. However, if you find a trusted influencer in your niche for promoting your brands, you will be able to skyrocket your business grow overnight. If you team up with influencers on social media, you can easily make profitable decisions. These days, influencers are more accepted than celebrities are. That’s why modern customers have started taking influencers seriously and you can easily convince your customers with the help of these influencers.

4. Provide justified value before asking for anything in return

It is important to remember that customers dislike being “sold” to while they love to buy. You can provide a sheer amount of free value before asking them for a sale. Well, modern customers are bombarded with ads on their social media newsfeed. If you want to engage people on social media who have a keen interest in your brand, you should provide them with content that addresses their problems and establishes that you value them. This way, you can build a loyal customer base. By undertaking authentic social media training in Australia, you can explore how to produce engaging content to grab maximum attention of your customers.

5. Tell your brand story on social media to make your business stand apart from your competitors

We all love to hear a good story. Isn’t it? Social media is the best tool to strategically differentiate your business from competitors. Since we make decisions based on emotion and we justify the decisions logically. It implies that if you want your brand to stand the challenges thrown by changing time and customers’ trends, you must make your promotions telling the story behind your brand on social media platforms. It will help you mark a difference from your competitors; you will be able to develop a deep relationship based on trust with your customers. There are many social media platforms available; you need to pick the right platforms for telling your brand story. Always remember that customers are drawn to the stories they can easily relate to. Whenever they will be able to relate to your story, they will be eager to connect with you.

A Final Takeaway

When you have made your mind about including social media in your business growth strategy, you should evaluate the existing issues inside your business. Next, you should find out the possible ways to fill the gaps. When IT comes to social media marketing, you need to keep one thing in mind. All you need is an eagerness to experiment. Until you determine which way works best for your business, you need to keep experimenting.

Author's Bio: 

Ben Fewtrell is an experienced and skilled social media strategist who offers effective social media training in Australia. He is a regular blogger as well. Most of his blogs are focused on Social media techniques and tricks. He has earned love and trust of his clients who have been benefitted by the social media strategy training provided by Ben Fewtrell.