There is a direct connection between the effectiveness of your copy writing and your ability to increase sales when working online. Writing sales copy however involves more than simply boasting about yourself or what you have to offer! Learning how to write persuasive content that people will not only read but take action on is important when building a business on the internet. Remember the text you publish is your primary means of communicating any marketing message you have so learning how to write persuasive copy is crucial!

With that being said here are 5 common errors many commit when writing sales content of any type that will actually drive people away!

It Is NOT About You

If you are composing an auto-biography it is one thing but when writing sales copy your focus should always remain on the reader! Telling them about your great product line or company history is boring! People do not see how this is going to benefit them therefore they will likely leave the page, end of story! Direct your message toward their needs and do not make it a display of your accomplishments since they do not care!

Boring Headlines

The only way to increase sales online is to get your message read! It does not do you or the reader any good if you get them to your page but they do not bother to read the content. The headline you use is the pivotal point where people decide if they are going to read further or leave the page. You must entice or engage them by sparking an interest using shock, humor or even empathy in the headlines they see. Use your headlines to make people aware why they should and need to read further!

Large Blocks of Text

Ugh! Presenting people with large blocks of text is one sure way to drive them away! Using the right format such as sub-titles or bullet points breaks up the text making it easier to follow and also less intimidating! Keep your sentences short and your paragraphs even shorter but always use bullets, lists or sub-titles to create a more reader friendly format!

An Overwhelming Vocabulary

The starting point for learning how to write persuasive content of any type is avoid the use of 'big' words or catchy jargon. It is NOT safe to assume that everybody will understand what you are saying. You are sending out your message to the masses so deliver it in a way the masses will easily understand! Remember you want to persuade NOT necessarily impress people!

About Those Sub-Titles

Circling back to the use of sub-titles, much like the main heading if these are less than inspiring they will discourage people from reading further! When viewing any content on the internet most people will scan it first to judge if it is worth their time to read. This is where the use of intriguing titles and sub-titles comes into play. Consider them the 'magnets' that draw readers further into the copy you have composed. As stated earlier the only way to increase sales by writing sales copy is to do what you can to make sure it gets read!

Copy writing is a crucial component of any online business and is the single most influential tool you have to increase sales! Learning how to write persuasive content when intending to promote something starts with taking the focus off of you and placing it on the reader! This error along with 4 others that are innocently yet commonly committed when writing sales copy are discussed here today. These 5 common errors can also be viewed as guidelines to follow insofar as to what NOT to do! There is nothing difficult about making the proper adjustments when and where needed to insure your efforts serve to increase sales rather than drive people away!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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