5 Crazy Boat Designs


At SmartPlug, we’re passionate about boats. We like looking for inspiration from unique, crazy, and innovative boats. Whether it’s a yacht designed to be aesthetically pleasing, or a speed boat designed to be the fastest on the water, we’re intrigued. If you share our passion for boats, we know you’ll enjoy these 5 crazy boats just as much as we do!

1. Miss Geico

This turbine-powered race boat can’t help but get your attention. Built by Mystic Powerboats in Deland, FL, this boat is a water icon. Don’t blink or you could miss it, as it can reach speeds of 200-MPH!

2. Gibbs Aquada

Seriously, what’s cooler than a boat that’s also a car? With the press of a button, wheels come up and a jet drive kicks in with 2,000 pounds of thrust. What’s even crazier is that the entire process takes only about 12 seconds.

3. Transparent Canoe

Even though this one isn’t as technologically advanced as some other boats, this is a cool way to really enjoy the water beneath you. Made out of polycarbonate material, it’s lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes, weighing about 40 pounds. This canoe provides 100% visibility.

4. Sea Breacher

This boat truly was inspired by the ocean, looking just like an Orca whale. The Sea Breacher not only looks cool, but it’s a semi-submersible boat that can dive 5 feet beneath the surface. Believe it or not, this boat can also leap 16’ into the air and it reaches speeds up to about 50-MPH!

5. Earthrace

It’s possible that you’ve seen this boat before, as it’s famous for setting a record for a 60-day circumnavigation of the globe, all while running on biodiesel. After accomplishing the circumnavigation, this boat got crushed driving in front of a moving whaler. So, take a good look at the image here, because you can no longer see it in person!

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