Most profitable businesses found on the internet all follow the same fundamental strategy in terms of using content to help improve sales! In fact it can be said that your business profitability will flourish by aligning certain key elements in a synergistic fashion to make this happen!

Here's a quick look at 5 common yet critical components any business needs to have in place in order to survive and thrive on the internet!

Useful Information

You'll need information and lots of it to build sites and circulate or distribute freely to help increase your exposure online! The very first step you must take online if business profitability is to be yours is to create an awareness of who you are and what you offer! This is one way in which using content correctly can help you ultimately improves sales and enjoy prosperity!


Traffic is good but targeted traffic is what is really needed to build an income on the internet! By using and/or circulating only information relevant to what you do, you will attract only people with an interest in the subject matter! Traffic is virtually useless to you unless these people are focused on what you do!


People must be made to feel comfortable with and trust in you and the most effective way of earning trust is by using content! Sharing with others free information relative to your business and their interest serves to build their confidence and trust in you! This will help to increase their receptivity when you present to them any offers you have! Oh course, provided what you offer does what you say it will, these same people will find their loyalty towards you only growing!

Persuasive Copy

This is the 'call to action' type of content used for sales pages, landing pages or even site content to provoke a particular action from your readers! Educating people with information is one thing but now you'll need to be much more persuasive in the way you are using content to get them to buy from you! The better you are at copy writing the easier it will be for you to improve sales however if this is not a strength of yours, enlist the services of somebody who excels in this area!

The Solution

Ultimately you'll be marketing a service or product that solves a common problem or fills a need! When working online however this can be a 'variable' that changes frequently due to finicky and ever changing trends and/or demands! In the vast majority of cases however, no matter what your product or service may be, you'll only get the sale by using content to attract and persuade prospective buyers!

Most profitable businesses found on the internet today didn't get that way by accident but by carefully using content to help improve sales! Achieving business profitability online requires amongst other things, building credibility and loyalty with your target audience! The role content plays is both HUGE and critical, as evident in our discussion of the 5 components above, in helping you improve sales! As you can understand bringing all these components together in a synergistic fashion may take time, but the rewards are worth the wait! What's your opinion on the significance of using content to earn a living online? Share it with all of us by leaving your comment in the box below!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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