Customised corporate signage is crucial for your brand endorsement. It creates that much-needed brand awareness and helps attract new clients to do business with. It is why you should look to get its design right.

Poor signage designs can project a negative impact on your business and even put off your most trustworthy customers. And destroy your market reputation, which you’ve surely worked hard to achieve.

So, if you are a business owner who wishes to make use to quality signage designs to garner more attention to avoid these common blunders at all costs. 

Let’s begin.

“Substandard Choice Of FONT.” 

Never use a complex font. Instead, use traditional fonts which are easier to follow. They are usually the best option for creating compelling corporate signage. Many commit the error of fancy fonts to draw maximum attention. But little do they realise is that it only makes the signage more difficult to grasp and process quickly.

“Overusing Graphics in Your Corporate Signage.”

Making excessive use of graphics in your corporate signage is a must NO. The whole point of visual graphics is to arrest the eyes of your customers and arouse their interest. However, when you overdo it, the signage fails to communicate the information effectively- especially when you have only a new seconds window to create an impact on your customer’s eyes.

“Choosing The Wrong Location For Your Corporate Signage.”

The location of your corporate signage is also crucial. You might have the best signage design in the world. But it is not going to do you any good if trees and buildings obscure it. Picking the wrong location for your corporate signage makes it useless. 

So, properly check the surrounding area of your business to achieve proper installation. With that, select the appropriate size and material for the signage to make it visibly clear to all your potential customers. 

For maximum visibility; you can also take the help of sign installers serving Sydney to pick the right spot for placing your corporate signage. 

“Overcrowding Your Corporate Signage.”

‘Simplicity offers the most sophistication.’ Keeping this in mind; you should always look to keep things simple when creating your corporate signage design. The reason being, your targeted customers, only have a handful of seconds to see and process the signage information. 

If you overcrowd it with too many details (some of which could have been left out), you only make it harder for them to comprehend the details they need to. Many business owners compensate by stuffing their signage with a boat-load of details without realising the consequence.

Be smart and don’t make this error. Speak to your trusted corporate signage expert serving in Sydney and look to keep your message clear, lucid with minimal details.

“Not Making The Signage Weather Resistant.”

Your corporate signage should be made weather-resistant. It should be able to tackle the harsh Australian weather conditions and still appear eye-catchy and luring to the eyes of your potential customers. 

No one will appreciate a torn, faded or tattered corporate sign. It’s bad for your business and will not get you anywhere. Unfortunately, many, in-attempt to save money resort to local sign writers who do the job with improper colour, font and low-quality printers.

Don’t make this common error. Look to design your corporate signage with notable ‘signage design experts near me’ to create signage that is weather-resistant, durable and clearly visible to onlookers passing by.

So, whenever you look to design your corporate signage, avoid these common blunders and always look to create it with the help of respected and experienced signwriters in your area. 

Author's Bio: 

The author specialises in creating compelling corporate signage in Sydney at budget-friendly rates for respective clients. The author also consists of a team of diligent sign installers in Sydney to cater to the needs of different clients.