If you want to find a cute and trendy suitcase for your college student, you have some great options to consider when shopping. Quality has improved to make traditional favorites even better, and you even have luggage options implementing technology like never before.

You should check out these five options to buy your college student the best suitcase.

1. Trunk Suitcases

Trunk luggage is more trendy than ever, and you have so many great styles to consider. You can even find vintage luggage sets that are designer trunk pieces. If your college student is all about style, you should definitely think about that option.

With trunk suitcases, you are buying sturdy luggage that will stand up and last over time, too. If you are searching for a suitcase that will carry your student, and their travel needs, through college, then you should think about trunk suitcases.

2. Rolling Duffels

You probably understand why duffel bags have always been a great option for college students. If used by your kid, your student has a suitcase that is very practical and that can be used for all kinds of travel and other needs.

And now, you have rolling duffels from which you can choose. Not only do these suitcases come with their usual super convenient handles and straps, but they also help your students who live in a busy city or travel to them. It is a suitcase that will come in handy for your students now and into the future. You student can use them for all kinds of situations.

3. Rolling Backpacks

You can insist your college student has their homework always accessible, and your student will have a versatile bag that can be used as a suitcase for travel. A super convenient and very affordable option, a rolling backpack might be the best suitcase for you to purchase.

And did you know that rolling backpacks can benefit your kid's health and also prevent injuries? All that studying you insist takes place means your student could be carrying too much weight in that backpack. Invest in a rolling backpack, so you can be certain to buy your student a great suitcase option suited for travel and suited all of their needs at college.

4. Weekender Bags

If you are looking for a smaller suitcase that is very versatile, you could purchase your student a weekender bag. Available at various price points, you can find them from most luggage retailers. You can find them in more traditional looks or you can find pieces that help your kid better show off their personality.

You also have weekender bags made out of all kinds of water-resistant materials. If your child lives in a dormitory, this bag can be taken into the shower areas with your student. Your kid can take weekender bags to the gym, too. And of course, your student could use these suitcases for weekend get-aways, either to visit you and the family or for get-aways with their college pals.

5. Smart Luggage

You even have smart luggage among the many suitcase options out there for your consideration. If your student is a tech-savvy person or simply loves having all their tech gear in one place, you should consider smart luggage among your great suitcase options.

Your student will have a suitcase that can come with all kinds of amazing features. This luggage can have a GPS system and even charging devices for your child's mobile devices, gadgets, and gear. You can even find smart luggage with remote technologies like locking features. If you want a suitcase your kid can use with all kinds of tech products and services, you should consider smart luggage.

So Many Cute and Trendy Options

As you try to decide which suitcase would be best for your student, you might find there are almost too many options from which you can choose. The five suggestions above should help you narrow down your choices and zero in on finding the right suitcase for your child.

Any of the five suggestions above are sure to be a hit with your student. You just need to take into account their most pressing needs.

You can find your student a cute and trendy suitcase they will love.

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