Blocked fallopian tubes is currently a disease with high incidence in women. 25% to 30% women with blocked fallopian tubes will have difficulty in getting pregnant. Infertility caused by the disease can further lead to other problems, making them miserable.

Blocked fallopian tubes will more or less cause damage to female's physiological and psychological health. In fact, it can be prevented in daily life, which means female friends should pay attention to daily care. There are five common things that should be done all the time.

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

To prevent tubal blockage, the first thing is to attach importance to personal cleanliness and hygiene. You should change your underwear frequently and clean your genitals every day. You need to put the things you use separately from others, otherwise it will be easy to cause infection.

2. Don't overwork yourself

Don't take too many paths at once, or lift heavy items too quickly. Overworking yourself can cause abdominal strain, which can lead to contractions. Don't keep a certain bad state for too long, such as being sedentary, a lack of water and holding back urine.

3. Adjust your mood properly

Being nervous and stressed will do no good to pregnancy. If you are desperate to have a baby, it's important for to keep a clam mindset. Especially for the elderly couples, do not blame each other due to no kids for years. Awful mood will interfere with the neuroendocrine function, resulting in fallopian tube chaos in women, so it will be more difficult to conceive. When you are in a bad mood, try to walk around or start out a family trip, to get yourself relaxed.

4. Keep from catching cold

Air conditioner is a necessary domestic appliance in modern society, especially in hot weather. Long-term use of air conditioner may make lower extremities and waist too cold, and will be likely to cause high-risk pregnancy. In usual times, female friends should put on socks and tuck in the quilt when feeling cold. In addition, doing more exercise can help them develop strong immunity, preventing cold and other inflammations.

5. Develop healthy diet

In daily life, bad eating habits may more or less lead to blocked fallopian tubes. Greasy and fried foods can invade into the uterus and fallopian tubes, thus resulting in blockages. Drinking more green tea at ordinary times can wash the grease inside the body. Fruits and vegetables are also good options to them. Female friends with bad habits like drinking and smoking should give them up as soon as possible.

Sticking to daily care can help women improve their health. Even thought they have had blocked fallopian tubes, these methods can be useful for the treatment. Usually, blocked fallopian tubes induced by the same cause can be treated differently.

Some doctors may adopt traditional Chinese medicine to cure mild cases. It's often suggested to take herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which can effectively treat the tubal blockage caused by inflammation. In severe cases, minimally invasive surgery may help.

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