Whether it is online dating or the more traditional methods, finding someone who is just as interested in you is only half the battle. The problems most Men (and Women) face is when it comes time to actually engage with this person for the first time.

Knowing how best to approach women is really the key to your success (or failure) and although it is important to be persistent and have an iron grip on your ego before you venture out to attempt to pick up women, it is still good to note that there are certain things you can do that will give you the winning advantage everytime.

The Glass is ALWAYS half full

Smiling alone has a lot of impact on approachability, but it is just a part of your body language. If your body is active and motivated, it will leave a positive energy that will encourage people to approach you when they want you. Granted this relates to online dating, where the initial meeting is through email or chat – but even through these mediums it is easy to pick up on a persons attitude. And no one wants to hook up with a negative loser!

Love yourself

No lady likes to be with a man who is already in conflict with himself. You should be so composed that your lady would prefer to rely on you when she is facing a hard time. So love yourself and accept yourself for whom you are. More importantly – Love who you are too. When you begin to like yourself it shows through in how you engage with others – instantly making you a thousand times more approachable to all women.

Be well-versed with Current Trends

Those who are successful with women are people who have something to talk about a topic all the time. Even if you don’t know what is going on, there are always some general comments that work out as opinions when you listen to a discussion for some time. Women likewise would have some topics that you may find in common in yourself, so keep yourself updated so that small talk will never be a problem for you.

Be nice and complimentary

Every lady likes to be appreciated. However, there is a thin line between sugarcoating and complimenting, so you have to be careful with when and how often you do the complimenting. As long as they are genuine and not too frequent, she will love your considerate personality.

Be ready to listen

I have saved the best for last – because without doubt, the most important thing you can do which will help you establish that first time connection is to listen. There is not use taking all the time to meet her and then get to know her if you are not going to remember any of what she said.

A good tip to make sure you actively listen is to repeat elements of her story back to her, maybe even adding things to your own stories. This not only helps you remember, it reaffirms to her that you are in fact listening.

Approaching women, regardless of whether it is in bar or via a chat window on an online dating site comes down to two main elements: Being true to yourself and Staying Positive. Keep this in mind and you are well on your way to being a lot more approachable to women.

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