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... Our Thinking Habits are either faithful servants or tyrannical masters - just as we allow them to be. However we have the say about it and we can take our choice.

...Thoughts of hate, anger, jealousy and envy will attract to us the same kind of thoughts emanating from the minds of others. We will also attract circumstances in which we will be called upon to manifest these negative thoughts and then will receive them in turn from others. A strong thought or a thought habit will make us the centre of attraction for the corresponding thought waves of others. Like attracts like and - as you sow so shall you reap. Our general thinking habit will determine the character of the thought waves received from others as well as the thoughts emanating from ourselves. We generally find that for which we look and what we are being. There are very few people who seem to realize this and who understand the art of managing the mind. The key to the mystery is Concentration.

5 Deadly Thinking Habits and How To Fix Them:

#1 Thinking of Fear

As you may know the more we think of something the more we do think of the same. To stop the pattern the best way I've found is to find the opposite. ...In this situation the opposite of fear is courage. These statements will help…instead of saying: ”I’m not afraid” say strongly “I am Courageous.”, "I am full of Courage." and say to yourself : “ There is nothing to be afraid of.” Hold the ideal firmly before you and it will gradually manifest. Let the word "Courage" sink deeply into your mind, and hold firmly until the mind fastens it in place. Imagine yourself as being Courageous. Realize that there is nothing to Fear - that Worry and Fear never helped anyone, and never will. Realize that Fear paralyzes effort, and that Courage promotes activity. It's all in the Mental Attitude! And when you have a habit of thinking courage you will attract success like a magnet. The typical friends of fear are: "what if", "but", "if", "suppose", "I'm afraid", "I can't"... these all are negative suggestions, when you can eliminate those and move towards courage, there will be not enough nourishment left for the Fear and it must go.

#2 Thinking of Hate

If you are having a tendency to hate people, you can best overcome the negative thought by cultivating Love in its place. Think Love, and act it out, as often as possible. Cultivate thoughts of kindness, and act as kindly as you can to everyone with whom you come in contact. You will have trouble at the start, but gradually Love will master Hate, and the latter will begin to droop and wither.

#3 Thoughts of "fault–finding"

The condition of mind known as "fault-finding" is another emotion that grows fat with exercise. Initially fault is found with this, then with that, and finally with everything. This reminds me of one of my thinking habits I broke free from. When my son was little I used to think that every time I buy a new toy, he will break it the same day. And guess what - he always did! And then I thought to myself – this is crazy – I should stop thinking like that and started saying to myself that everything I buy for my son, he will treasure, treat well, look after and it will serve him a long time. It became a reality, as a miracle he stopped breaking things! Yes- if you will look for faults I can assure it will not need a lot of effort and you will become a fault magnet…Change the channel and let me know how it changed your life.

#4 Thoughts of Jealousy

When you start feeling jealousy - focus and start thinking of your higher nature and Real Self. When you rise above these competitive thoughts, jealousy can't have any grip on you. You know and I would like to remind you that you are a magnificent being and there is no one on this planet like you. You are unique and you have your unique gifts to bring to this world. When you feel deeply what I just said, you will rise above those petty thoughts - they are unworthy for you and with the help of your will you can break the cycle. When you think positive and high vibration thoughts, the lower ones can't affect you - this is the law of nature.

#5 Thoughts of Anger

When you are tempted to burst into anger - assert the "I," and your voice will drop. Anger is unworthy of the developed Self. When you feel annoyed, frustrated and cross, remember what you really are, and rise above your feeling. Think of you as a worthy person with calm, strong and positive attitude. You are the master of your emotions and emotions will not master you whatever the situation.

The habit of thinking is the same as a paper with old folds. It just tends to fold in the same creases as before. It takes Will Power to make a new crease and then it will follow the new lines.
When we make a new crease and fold it more and more in the same place it becomes easier for mind to fold along the same crease afterwards.
Let us make our mental creases in the right direction. When you are playing on the extreme negative end of the mental plane you feel depressed, weak, passive, dull, fearful, cowardly. And you find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. And your effect upon others is practically none. You are led by, rather than leading others, and are used as a human doormat or football by more positive people. You have the power to exercise your will break those deadly thinking habits and connect to your inner positive calm. My aim is not to preach as I have my own 'deadly thinking habits' to break. My aim is to give you 'practical tools' to be able to break free from yours too. Let's do it together!

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