People interested in making a living from the internet have probably heard of article marketing. Simply put, articles marketing is a technique where a person writes up specific information about a product, service or individual and then publishes it on specific sites referred to as article submission sites. Some of the main uses for article marketing include:
1. Search engine optimization
This is where one tries to get more visitors to a website and higher search engine rankings by getting links from high traffic websites. For instance, an owner of a pet food website will write up related articles and submit them to sites like Ezine articles with a back link to the home site. People interested in getting more information will visit the linked website. Over time, the site will start getting high quality visitors and therefore conversions.

2. Business branding
Article marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to publicize its brand. All the business owners need to do is write up a lot of useful information geared towards creation of curiosity about business activities, products, opportunities etc. in readers’ minds. Depending on the quality of the articles and writing style, readers will forward them to their networks. This therefore causes the business brand and activities to be etched in the minds of many people. Over time, a company will be able to build a very good reputation by controlling the outflow of information to potential and current clients.

3. Affiliate marketing
Articles on marketing are one of the easiest tools to use in affiliate marketing. An online marketer will write up articles geared towards enticing a reader to perform a predestined action e.g. submit an email address, making a purchase etc. The marketer will either get a percentage of the sale or the entire amount depending on who the owner of the product is. The greatest advantage of using articles marketing for affiliate marketing endeavors is that a person does not need to have a high traffic site in order to generate leads. All he has to is balance quality and a sales pitch in order to get quality leads.

4. Educational purposes
The internet is one of the best places to get useful and updated information on virtually any topic. You can therefore use articles marketing to provide people with information, either for free or for a small sum. This is one of the ways authors use to market their books to the general public i.e. by writing short blurbs about the contents of a given book with the intention of increasing sales and readership. Educational articles on marketing tend to have very high conversion rates because they are directed towards specific niches e.g. nanotechnology, java programming etc.

5. Self promotion
Articles marketing can be used by people that want to make themselves known to the general public. For instance, a motivational speaker can have articles written on him and submitted to high traffic sites with the intention of getting more speaking engagements. This is usually more effective than using other media outlets like magazines.

In a nutshell, article marketing is one of the more effective ways of getting started in online marketing because very little technological expertise is required.

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