Designing a kitchen can be very challenging. You want it to turn out best as your taste and needs. If you are stuck as to how to design your kitchen, find your inspiration from kaboodle. Most people prefer modern kitchen designing these days, equipped with smart appliances, giving the kitchen a tidy look. This article can help you in creating your kitchen space.

Make cleaning easy:

If you place lights or any decoration near the stove, it will collect grease from it. For lighting near the stove, install lights integrated into your exhaust hood. If you are interested in lighting fixtures, you can add pendants, sconces, and small chandeliers several feet away from your stove.

You can install cabinets to the ceiling; this way, you will not have to clean the upper cabinet space. Put the trash bin near your sink. A trash bin within a cabinet close to the sink and dishwasher will make it easy for you to let you scrape plates before doing the dishes.

Choice of colors in a modern kitchen:

You can go with bright colors with a grey accent for your kitchen's color theme. Keeping your flooring, walls, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other decor and appliances down to one color will bring the modern feel to the kitchen.

If you choose to use dark cabinets, ensure you use light accents to not darken the space. It is essential to keep in mind the stools, chairs, tables, lighting, and other accents, as they all play a role in the overall modern design.

Cabinet makeover:

Open shelves:

Open shelving not only looks great, but it is practical in multiple ways. It makes work more manageable as you are not required to open and close doors while setting the table or unload the dishwasher.

Metal Grate Cabinets:

Display cabinets with metal grates to give your kitchen a modern touch. You do not always have to arrange your essentials, as you can only get a peek inside.

Display Cabinets:

It is a perfect place to display beautiful culinary. You can display decoration pieces as well. The glass makes it feel more open and spacious.

Positioning Appliances:

Before the concept of hanging appliances started, they would take up a lot of kitchen space and make it crowded. It is best to consider a hanging microwave. With the right microwave and the proper installation, it can give you back some counter space.

If you do not prefer guests or kids crowding your kitchen, put a secondary snack refrigerator in a separate space. You can install the dishwasher near the sink.

How to design kitchen countertops:

Pattern design adds visual interest to kitchen countertops. Some of the excellent kitchen countertop ideas for patterns include the use of striped stone materials.

Wood butcher block countertops add a warm and fresh look to your kitchen. Stainless steel is a good and classic metal option.

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