Being overweight can contribute to a lot of serious health problems. Unfortunately, the world is failing to recognize the seriousness of these problems as more and more people are becoming obese and unhealthy. Diabetes is one of the most common complications of being overweight. This condition often leads to other serious life-threatening conditions. Basically, the diabetes risk factors overweight people face can be classified into two main categories, which are controllable and uncontrollable risk factors.

The controllable risk factors are:

1. Weight – too much body fat, particularly around the midsection, can increase your risk of developing diabetes. As we get older our metabolism slows down making it more difficult to maintain/lose weight. This is controllable because you can become more fit and healthy with the right diet and sufficient exercise and activity.

2. Unhealthy lifestyle – unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking can contribute to diabetes. Both vices make it more difficult to get your blood sugar under control. Smoking and drinking have all sorts of other associated risks as well. Lack of physical activity and exercise can also lead to obesity which can in turn lead to diabetes.

3. High blood pressure and cholesterol – diabetic people are more prone to serious heart conditions. Most diabetics have high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol which can be controlled if detected at an early stage.

Some uncontrollable risk factors are:

4. Family history or genetics – if your parents have had a history of diabetes, chances are you are more likely to get this condition as well. This is an uncontrollable risk but generally can be managed with the proper diet, medications and exercise.

5. Age – once you are over 50 years old you are more prone to get type 2 diabetes. Guess why? After 50 your metabolism starts to slow down making you less active and more prone to certain types of diseases. During this point in your life you are more likely to gain weight which could possibly lead to diabetes. This can also be managed with diet, exercise and medication.

All these risk factors may sound scary. Believe me they are! But with the right knowledge on these serious conditions you can gradually make some lifestyle changes which can greatly help you as you get older. By being aware of diabetes and all its risk factors you can slowly start to apply better food choices, exercise more and live a healthier life to avoid these problems. Remember, making gradual lifestyle changes can slowly make a huge difference health wise. You can easily manage your weight with the right attitude, diet and exercise. There are a lot of great information on the internet that can help you achieve the ideal weight you always wanted and help you avoid diabetes risk factors overweight people face.

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