Kids can be quite picky eaters; they tend to go for unhealthier food choices like sweets, deep-fried foods and unhealthy snacks. Finding the right diet for your kids and making them love it can be a bit of a challenge for most moms. To make life easier for you and healthier for your kids here are some diet tips to consider for your kids:

1. Do not comment negatively on your child's weight or limit foods. Restricting food increases the possibility they may develop an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia later on in life. It also may have a negative effect on their growth and development.

Also by limiting meals they are more likely to binge on junk food during the day, which could aggravate weight problems. If your child likes to graze, make some healthy snacks to nibble on in between meals instead of making them wait.

2. Keep healthy meals and snacks available in your household. Children will eat what is easily available. Instead of having your fruit in the refrigerator leave it out, preferably in easy sight. Remember, your kids can only eat the food that is in the house so by limiting nutrient deficient junk foods you will be able to train your child to choose healthier options.

3. Reduce intake of salty foods. If you can come up with dishes that contain no salt at all, the better. Salty foods are not healthy for anyone and this is why junk foods are bad for health. The fries and burgers your child loves to get at the local fast food joint contain more salt than you can imagine. If your kids love burgers and fries it would be better to make them yourself so you can be sure that what they eat is healthy and nutritious.

4. If your child craves for something sweet and cold like ice cream, why not let them try some frozen yogurt or a fruit shake? Frozen yogurt tastes good and is a healthier alternative because it has the same texture as ice cream, minus the calories. The vanilla smoothie can be replaced by a mango shake and can work wonders for the body. You can even combine different fruit shakes like strawberries and bananas, mangoes and melon, and a lot more. Be creative and serve them nicely in cool glasses so that they are more attractive and pleasing to your kids.

5. For sandwiches, use less butter or mayo and more of the healthy stuff. Adding green leafy vegetables like lettuce and replacing the beef burger with chicken is healthier and tastier even without ketchup and mayo. Your kids don't really have to sacrifice good taste to get the best health benefits. When packing snacks for school, you can choose cereal bars and eliminate junk food in their lunch boxes.

Always consult your child's doctor first. Speak with your them before placing your child on any sort of eating plan to either lose or gain weight. You should not attempt to diagnose your child as overweight, or underweight, by yourself. If changes are recommended employ the assistance of a qualified dietitian.

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