New Year’s Eve parties are, without a doubt, some of the most fun celebrations. If it’s your turn to host one this year, you would want your guests to remember your party as the most epic one they’ve been to yet.

Here are five drinking games that will let you do just that:

1. King’s Cup

Also known as Ring of Fire, this drinking game that uses playing cards has been a huge hit in many parties because it’s both fun and versatile. King’s Cup starts with a cup set in the middle of the table surrounded by a deck of cards.

Each player takes turns in choosing a card that signifies an instruction. For instance, Ace stands for “waterfall” where a player needs to drink until the person before him takes a card. 2 means choosing one or two people to drink while 3 means the player takes the drink.

2. Most Likely To

This drinking game isn’t only a lot of fun, but it will also test your guest’s knowledge of each other. Most Likely To begins with a player saying things like “most likely to get to prison” or “most likely to own a company.” The player who gets the most fingers pointed towards him will take a drink.

3. Arrogance

If you’re looking to get your guests really drunk, Arrogance is the game for you. It starts with a deck of cards, a beer and an empty pitcher. A player places his bet by pouring his desired amount of beer into the pitcher, after which he chooses between black and red.

If he guesses right, the next player takes his turn. But if he guesses it wrong, he needs to drink whatever is in the pitcher and he keeps guessing until he gets the color right.

4. Chandeliers

Another interesting drinking game, Chandeliers starts with a large glass of beer surrounded by smaller glasses of beer for each player. One player bounces a quarter off and wherever it lands, the person who owns the glass has to drink the bear.

If the center glass is hit, everyone needs to finish their drinks and hold the glass upside down over their head. The last one to do that will need to drink the beer on the large glass.

5. Spin the bottle

Finally, no other drinking game gets more classic than the all-time favorite “Spin the Bottle.” This game has been around for many years and it’s one of the best ways to get your guests drunk while making them laugh hilariously at the same time.

One player spins the bottle and whoever it lands on must say the weirdest or funniest things to other players. Whoever ends up laughing first needs to drink.

Make sure to try one or more of these drinking games during your New Year’s Eve party and for sure, your guests will be talking about it even after the alcohol has worn out.

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Stella Hawar is a writer and a mother of an adorable boy who likes to practice yoga, do Pilates, cook and watch movies with her husband.