Boosting the price of your home is a smart way to invest your money. If you are in any way DIY prone, it can be quite easy to add value to your home and make significant returns on small investment. Desirability increases value and it’s easy to make a home more attractive to buyers. So, what are the cheapest ways to make your home worth more?

Freshen it Up

A little paint can go a long way to making a house look a lot better. Dirty, drab paint will turn potential buyers off and create a bad first impression. However, a fresh coat will do the opposite and also ensure the room looks brighter than it was if the paint is light in colour. Fresh paint reflects light better and can brighten up a home in winter and make your home worth more.


Just like the walls and ceiling, the vinyl plank flooring in Georgia can also be used to add to the spaciousness of a home. Lighter coloured floors that reflect light are far more prone to liven up a room and make it seem all the more spacious. Tiles, hardwood flooring such as distressed flooring make a house more roomy and increase the overall home’s price.

Curtains and Accents

The rugs and curtains say a lot about a room and darker tones are seen as drab by most in the house buying market. Rugs can pull a room together but also leave it looking smaller. Removing a rug makes an area seem more spacious and is especially advisable if you have an attractive floor.


Potential buyers often drive by the home before they arrange a viewing, having seen the home in the estate agents window. This makes weeding out bad gardens a must. Estate agents would say that as humans we buy any house, or at least into the idea of buying any house if it looks good from the outside. So, get weeding, fertilise the garden and prune the overgrown hedge if you want to make your home look crisp, clean and tidy.

Brickwork or Stone

If your home has external brickwork, this can be a really beneficial aesthetic feature and is something that can sell a home. External stone or brick is an art and something to be admired. However, many people let it degrade and get dirty. If your brickwork or stone work is not up to scratch clean it. It can be done professionally or also easily completed with a power washer and a little bit of elbow grease.

Selling your home quickly and for as much money as possible is essential. It’s the little things that make a home more desirable and achieve the aforementioned.

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