Always visit a shop that attracts more customers - because it simply means that the shop has more positivism to it.

Always buy a brand that does well in the market. It simply means that the energy of that brand is too positive and by buying that brand you can also experience the positivity of that brand!

One has to be conscious of buying a brand product - and also from where to buy - because of the shopkeeper or the shop from where you buy matters above all!

In the old days - many of you may have heard that our old grandfather would always say that if you are buying a certain product then buy from a specific shopkeeper. But then we would wonder - Why only that shopkeeper when there are so many others who are selling the same product on the same street!

But old people have experiences that we don’t have! And so many times when they tell us something - it is for our benefit!

That is why BRAND matters. And I absolutely no hesitation to admit that - yes - one has to be BRAND CONSCIOUS - because BRANDS have a legacy and legacy have a certain QUALITY and NATURE to its existence!


Now Saturn in Libra Sign - Good. Saturn in Vishaka Nakshatra - Good.

But the questioner has a very different placement - SATURN in SCORPIO - Below Average. And Saturn in Vishaka of Scorpio Sign - Average.

So here the QUALITY And NATURE comes down to an average SATURN.

1. Here the Quality suffers, nature also is mediocre - because Saturn is in Jupiter’s Nakshatra. And again Saturn is in the 12th house so that again makes Saturn (Prarabhda KARMA) more challenging than otherwise!

2. But just through Saturn placement - you can get a feel of the KARMA - but how is it going to be executed and in what fashion - is only known through the other planetary placements.

The planets are not your friends. And I say it to all my followers and readers. Understand this - as long as the planets remain - the cycle of birth and rebirth continues!

3. A great Yogi from the Himalayas to whom I had met a few years ago had said: “ Now there is nobody in my birth chart but only me - the ‘self’”!

4. The planets are simply the significator of your PRARABHDHA KARMA. So as long as the planets remain active - the Karmic cycle of birth and rebirth - happiness and sadness continue…

5. When the great Yogi said - there are no planets in his birth chart - he meant that now he has risen above all his planets that are nothing but your Karma!

How does that happen?

Through meditation.

What is the way?

The way is inward.

What should I do?

Turn Inward.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is an expert Indian astrologer having 40 years of experience in astrology.