Quick and Easy Summer Recipes
When I sit and think, I realize, seasons affect our daily routine. Chilling & soothing winds are gone & now it’s time to be active and creative, so it’s important to stay cool in this warm weather.

To tackle the scorching heat, I’m sharing a few breakfast recipes which are very easy to make and are full of energy to recharge the body with fulsome nutrition.

Cucumber Tomato Corn Peanut Salad with Lemon.
A Refreshing start with a quickly tossed Salad of cucumber, tomato, corn & roasted peanuts, that you can make in your kitchen with absolutely no cooking. As this salad has all freshly chopped vegetables, the nutrients will also remain intact. The salad will go well with any kind of main courses such as phulka, curry, subzi or even with plain rice and dal.

Delicious Classic Strawberry Smoothie
Summer fruits are loaded with water, to avoid dehydration try to make a delicious smoothie with juicy strawberries, a ripened banana, and tangy yogurt. Combine them to make a not-too-sweet, not-too-fussy smoothie – one that’s great for breakfast or a snack. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed for about 1 minute, until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass and serve immediately. There are two smart tips that you can use for thicker and creamier smoothies. Using a frozen banana will thicken your smoothie. The ripeness of the banana is also important because it will ultimately determine how sweet your smoothie will be. For the sweetest smoothie, peel and freeze it until it’s covered with brown spots. If you crave a little more sweetness, go ahead and drizzle it in honey.

Opting for Greek yogurt also helps to thicken the smoothie. I prefer whole-milk Greek yogurt, which makes the thickest smoothie.

Mango Lassi
Summer gives the yummy king of fruits – ‘mango’, often relished as mango shake. But its time to give a twist to its flavor by adding a tangy taste. Blend mango with creamier yogurt with a pinch of cardamom. You will feel awesome!

Sandwiches full of Seasonal Greens
Easy to make and a quick recipe, spread yogurt or mayonnaise on bread slices and top them with fresh cucumber slices, lettuce, and tomatoes, enjoy with mint chutney.

Overnight Cooked Oats with Nuts and Fresh Blueberries
For a busy morning, this is the best dish for working people – it is very healthy and more than half of its working was done at night. Soak cooked oats in water or milk. Let it settled down to room temperature and then put it in the fridge for overnight. In the morning, bring it out from the fridge, garnish it with chopped nuts and blueberries or any other fruit of your choice. If you want to enhance the health benefits then add chia seeds, eat it cold.

We hope that you are satisfied with our small contribution to making your morning healthy and to help you enjoy and stay cool during summers!!
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