For people in many parts of the country, one of the worst parts of winter weather is getting out early to warm up the car and start scraping and de-icing the windshield. There are some practical ways to make this chore easier, however. Here are five tips to de-ice the windshield as the temperature drops.

1. Cover Up

The best way to keep the windshield ice-free is to be sure it's covered for the night. A light tarp or even an old sheet or blanket will do. Strap it down with some cheap bungee cords and the ice will collect on it instead of the windshield. When you go out to start the car the next morning, just remove it, shake off the ice and snow, and put it in the trunk until needed again.

2. Prevention

Another idea is to spray down the windshield with some de-icing solution. There are many commercial products available for this, though they can be pricey over the course of a winter. Some homemade versions can be created by mixing three parts vinegar or rubbing alcohol to one part water in a spray bottle. You don't want to use anything that will leave a film or streaks, as this could impair visibility.

3. Scraping

That may be what you're trying to avoid, but there are ways of making this easier. A good, sturdy scraper with a wide blade makes this go faster, but it helps to soften and release the ice first by pouring water over the windshield. If it's too cold outside, plain water will just freeze, so you might want to add some alcohol or wiper fluid.

4. Salt

Saltwater also works well. Table salt will do if you don't have any alternative, but it's better to buy a supply of road salt when temperatures start to dip. Keep it mixed in a gallon jug of water you can take out to the car. Be advised, though, that salt may damage to your car's finish if it isn't rinsed away later.

5. Remove Ice Carefully

It's important to proceed with caution and common sense. Pounding on the ice to loosen it may crack the windshield. Never use hot or even very warm water. Adding this to an ice-cold windshield causes a sudden temperature shift that can break the glass. Use only slightly warm water and add it gradually. If you damage the windshield, you'll have no choice but to call a windshield replacement service like Valley Glass Utility.
Windshield ice and frost is to be expected, no matter how much you dread it. The best way to deal with it is being prepared.

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